Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Do You Want 415 Media?

Image result for rich lieberman 415Do you want 415 Media?

This is hopefully the last pledge break I post because I don't like asking for donations and/or subscriptions --but unfortunately, I'm almost out of funds needed to keep 415 Media afloat. Without assistance from you, the readers, 415 Media will cease to operate, it's that simple.

I continue to grow leaps and bounds with thousands of new readers but I can't survive on the limited advertising that you see on 415 Media. That's why I need your help in donating and/or subscribing to this site to make it 100% independent and sustainable and so I can live too, survive really.

Those of you that have already subscribed and/or donated I thank you for your support and regret having to post these pledge breaks but the situation is dire.

I can't continue to blog 415 Media without your help, again, please SUBSCRIBE/DONATE by clicking on the PayPal icon on the right side of the blog and making your contribution today. ($25 a year for a one-year subscription; all donations are completely confidential and you don't have to have a Pay Pal account to contribute)

If only a fraction of you that come here and look forward to reading 415 Media contribute, then the pledge breaks will cease and you can continue to enjoy reading about TV/Radio in the Bay Area.

Thanks in advance.


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