Tuesday, November 22, 2016

415 Media: Update

Image result for News Blogger SF We hope to be back this week and begin blogging 415 Media --thanks for all your kind words of support --check back later today for some updated info.


  1. Time for idiots in management to resume taking their Alka Seltzer now that Rich will be back!

  2. Oh, when will the great Rich Lieberman return? Impossible to live without his latest thoughts on why everything in the 415 media world is so awful...

  3. Will be great to have you back, Rich. Hope you are doing OK.

  4. It's great to see that you're going to be wearing that yoke again, being the beacon of light for the BA media truth! I remember an old saying:

    "If you can't inform people of the truth, then who can you inform?"

  5. Bet of luck to Mom. NOBODY cooks like Mom.
    Whats the story morning glory on Papa? He quit? On strike,disgruntled?
    95.7 explains nothing.

    1. I tweeted Rick Tittle and D.Bruce about the missing daddy- I mean Papa-...no answer. Neither one.
      Maybe they just fear me.