Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Under The Weather

Image result for Under the weather I'll be back soon enough --there's Yom Kippur on Wednesday though so be patient.

Thanks for all your support.


  1. Get well soon, Rich!


  2. You have to find a way to blame this on Armstrong and Getty

  3. Feel better Rich.

  4. Also known as Sandy Koufax day!

  5. Get Well, Rich; LOL, 9:03; and be ready to blast the Cloud Clowns' response to the Cubs' well-earned NLDS win at AT&T Park. Because Cumulus likes to cuddle up with Lockstep Larry and discuss their differences - one loves to cut people, the other is so into status quo and indifferent to the First Amendment that even the most honest Giants fan's constructive criticism is suppressed.
    KNBR needs to eat more crow, and Amy G must go (no superstition crap any more - ain't no charm in this inane reporter). Not to mention the team needs to overhaul its bullpen, left side defense, and replace its hitting coach (Bam-Bam was really Boo-Boo every August too often). And speaking of Under the Weather, that happened to Bochy too much. Need him totally well next Spring Training.
    Want you well too, Rich. Thank you as always for the scoops!

  6. That upset about the Giants losing???