Saturday, October 8, 2016

Point Counter-Point

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Point: At least Armstrong and Getty possess occasional humor.

Counter-Point: Occasionally when you drop your buttered toast it lands on the non-buttered side.

Point: The non-stop weather reports on Radio and TV here are very informative and much-needed.

Counter-Point: Yeah, just look at Hurricane Matthew and the last 72 hours in Haiti, the Bahamas and South Florida, South Carolina too.--that's real weather and human destruction. And we flaunt "traffic and weather together" every ten minutes.

Point: It did take you awhile to acknowledge Joel Murray.

Counter-Point: Yeah, well, who else did?

Point: Dan Dibley has worked his ass off and is a serviceable radio guy.

Counter-Point: Yeah, and they still serve vanilla ice-cream at Loards too.

Point: C'mon, Gasia Mikaelian isn't that bad.

Counter-Point: No, no, no, she's actually worse.

Point: When push comes to shove the new KGO Radio manages to excite the senses.

Counter-Point: So does Shingles.

Point: Robert DeNiro called out Donald Trump over his sexist remarks about women.

Counter-Point: Deniro was in a movie called "The Intern" --I question his judgment forever.

Point: You're really harsh on Kate Scott.

Counter-Point: Oh, if I really wanted to go off on her, I could. You ain't seen anything.

Point: Stan and the Ass man are just pathetic, why you let them on your site to comment makes us puke.

Counter-Point: In this day and age, who are we to judge what's pathetic?

Point: Cheryl Hurd, you have an infatuation with her.

Counter-Point: Yeah, I also had an infatuation with Halle Berry too, what's your point?

Point: KPIX News is getting better.

Counter-Point: Aged Blue Cheese gets better too eventually.

Point: The whole KGO-TV Producer thing was really no big deal.

Counter-Point: Tell that to Michael Finney.

Point: Look, KTVU has some real great talent, have you watched Dave Clark? He's totally cool!

Counter-Point: I think you meant Dick Clark.

Point: Get off ripping Brian Copeland, he's cool too.

Counter-Point: Actually, I have great respect and admiration for Byron Allen.

Point: You're a big, fat pig!

Counter-Point: Yes, but at least I'm consistent.

Point: You expect us to donate money to 415 Media and all you do is rip, rip, rip. You're so negative.

Counter-Point: If I only praised and talked about good news I'd be broker than broke.

Point: The people behind the scenes in Bay Area media really, for the most part, do a fine job and your constant putdowns are a real turnoff and a discredit to your site.

Counter-Point: Many of my sources are those very people behind the scenes in Bay Area media.

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  1. The worst part of those you rip - Armstrong & Getty, Chip Franklin, Dan Dibley, Kate Scott, etc is that they are not entertaining in the least, which is the most damning criticism in their business

  2. For being a top six TV market it's so sad how pathetic it's become too

    1. Agreed, especially the local media and their libdiot slant.

  3. Credit where credit due...things are going down hill faster then the niner season in bay area media.. sometimes speaking the truth it may be in the form of spaces were created for those who can't handle the truth...

  4. In my case "pathetic" is code for "damn I cant come up with that,but I wish I could" from my critics. Add "He's also right almost every time".
    Well,except for the niners going 7-9. I blew that one.

    1. Senility is a terrible thing.

  5. Jane, you ignorant slut...

    Great article Rich, liked the format.

  6. Kpix will never have a quality newscast as long as Roqui "Stumble All Over the Place" Theus is messing up reports.

    1. Roqui Theus Father is NBA Great Reggie Theus, who is now the Head Coach at Cal State Northridge. This is the very much reason why Roqui's TV News Career has taken off, and why she has constantly gone from promotion to promotion.

      Roqui's last job was in Sacramento, where she, imvho should have stayed until she was ready for Prime Time. She came to Good Day Sacramento in 2015, and now in 2016 she is on a Major Market Media Outlet?! Someone has their thumb on the scales for Roqui's Career!!! Will Roqui be an Anchor next year on KPIX, or some LA Media Outlet, don't bet against her!

  7. counter point:Kate Scott did NOT let Gary Radnich bully her,she answered back,and she left the show when he did not change.Big points for that.

  8. Brandice Bailey is so unprofessional on social media. Her bias posts againsts Trump should not be tolerated as a news manager/professional. Dan, Bruno and Lisa need to take a look at her again. Bad hiring judgement and poor judgement on social media behavior

  9. KRON's own Creepy Clown sports director? You couldn't pay him to go see the ONLY Giant playoff game of the year.
    He IS asking people on the set about it. So,he has SOME

  10. Good stuff Rich. Our media profession has gone to the dogs because of consolidation and bean counters now running the show. And they also like to hire 'younger, (i.e. cheaper and less experienced talent), because they, (management) don't care any more about quality or servicing the public. They all just want their big fat bottom line even bigger and fatter. Bastards!