Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fareed and Feldman May Be on CSNBA Hot Seats

Image result for dave feldman sportscaster Ahmed Fareed and Dave Feldman--CSNBA anchors and worthy of a few loafs of wonder bread--are also on the hot seat at the SF Cable Sports shop.

This development may or may not be a byproduct of  Ted Griggs future gig in Connecticut.

Only time will tell but both Fareed and "Feldy" are rumored to be "expendable" by the new regime coming.

For one, they both make too much money, a no-no at Comcast. Second, in the case of Feldman, Jim Harbaugh is no longer in the Bay Area anymore as all of you know. And without Harbaugh, Feldman might as well be looking at rentals in Fresno.

We should know in a few weeks.


  1. If Fareed is on the block..then you might as well say everybody is overpaid at Comcast. Unlike Kozimor,Fareed is there everyday. Why is Kozy is off so much?
    Comcast is like an overgrown garden unpruned for a decade. Its need some serious clearing. For sure all the deadwood.
    Remember when they didn't rely 100% on safe guests?
    I do.

    1. safe guests ?

    2. Koz is a legend in his own mind. Hard to fit his head through the door at Comcast. I've known him since the San Jose Jammer days. All fluff, no substance.

    3. 6:13. When they had guests who came and said things like "I don't like Ray"-Dave Del Grande.
      The even had a guest the host,Greg Papa hated so much he kept his back turned to the guy the whole hour- EVEN when that controversial guest spoke.
      I can give you his initials .R.L.415
      If they had kept that kind of edge? I would have been on soon...maybe-lol.

  2. They do a regional Cable highlight show when highlight shows are no longer needed. Bye bye

  3. I wonder what percentage of our local pro athletes past and present couldn't wait to scatter out of there once they finished airing those inane commercials.
    Another Comcast-Lockstep collision coming?

  4. These guys think their own farts don't smell. The sad thing is, they don't realize that very few people watch any of the shows on CSN outside of the actual game broadcasts involving Giants and Warriors, and to a lesser degree, the Sharks and A's. Not impressed by anything they do. The smarmy prep-school talk is tiresome and they have gotten stale in a short time. I will say the promos they do with the Giant players sitting in the back of the car are probably the most creative and funniest thing that Comcast does. But overall, they're about a 5 on a scale of 1-10.

  5. A real question - is the move to Connecticut a promotion? Unless it's an ESPN gig, figure it is a step down from a market with six pro teams and three FBS schools.

  6. Both these guys thought they were a "thing" as shown with their completely unfunny commercials and of course they never were. They will leave and no one will notice.