Thursday, October 27, 2016

Breaking 415 Media Exclu: Ted Griggs Leaving CSNBA

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Ted Griggs leaving CSNBA
 CSNBA President Ted Griggs is leaving his post and headed to a similar job in Conneticut, 415 Media has learned, exclusively ...

A source close to Griggs, who has been at the helm for nearly a decade, confirmed the departure to me via e-mail.

Griggs has been a major player in the Bay Area Sports Cable business--his replacement will come to the city; a Comcast Exec whose name is not known at this time.


*415 Media Exclu


  1. I wonder if he's fed up with both Comcast and Cumulus, who share two SF-named sports teams who like to keep their Faithful in Lockstep.

  2. Great gig for Raddy.
    A total shoe-in...
    Done deal...
    Let's do lunch.

  3. Radnich will be heart broken.