Thursday, August 25, 2016

Larry Krueger Took This Warriors' New Radio Home News Pretty Hard on KNBR

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Fitz is pissed --Krueger: just can't contain himself...

Tolbert: thinking out loud now.


  1. Someone at the Warriors finally woke up.
    It was high time that Golden State stood up to the Larry Baer radio hour and switched.

  2. I love that the Warriors did this. I couldn't believe KNBR was relegating the Warriors to 1050 during the playoff run while the Giants were playing early season games. Lacob doesn't like to take a back seat to anybody, and it was a dumb move, considering the Warriors national TV ratings are a goldmine. I'm glad the Warriors are keeping Roye, because he's now as much the voice of the Warriors as Bill King was Or if not Bill King, then Hank Greenwald, who was the voice of the Warriors in my formative years. I also hope this is the end of Bob Fitzgerald - I don't particularly enjoy anyone losing his job, but he deserves to sweat it out a little since he's so arrogant.

  3. The game carries the A's and the Raiders, do they not? How does this end game conflicts? Fitz could still be on the tv for the Warriors...or he could move to the game...lord help us.

    1. Entercom (the parent company of 95.7) also owns KBLX (102.1 FM) and KFOX (98.5 FM). If there's a schedule conflict with the A's and/or Raiders, those two teams will move over. They have done this with early season Raider games (moved to KBLX) and Sharks playoff games (moved onto 95.7 from KFOX).

  4. James H Sharky Hankel Sr., Mayor, Minden, NEAugust 25, 2016 at 11:24 AM

    Fuck You, Krueger, You Fat Fuck.

  5. I was eating my lunch and reading this blog, until I saw this God awful photo of this fat tub of goo. Go get the interns to get you more Krispy Kremes. Just what you need you blow hard.

    The deal with The Game is fantastic for them and for the Warriors. It now legitimizes The Game as a sports radio station. They already had the Athletics and the Raiders, but getting the Warriors is a solid move.

    It's a shame that Rudy Rudy Poohay will still do the Warriors on TV, but you've got a choice. Turn down the sound, deal with the seven-second delay and listen to Tim Roye, now on FM.

  6. His shirt is two sizes too small, or maybe he wants to show what his got.

  7. Is Greg Papa too expensive for the Warriors and CSN to do TV broadcasts. If not Papa, how about Barry Tompkins or Roxy Bernstein.

  8. Roxy works for ESPN and Pac-12 Network. Not sure he would give up that gig.

  9. I put the Tolbert show on yesterday.All I heard was Lund,the guest talking to Lund. I thought Tolbert had taken the day off.
    Then,Tolbert spoke. wow...they have no chemistry. An arranged forced marriage and Tolbert hates what he saw under the veil...

  10. Why is that XL schmuck wearing a shirt that is 3 sizes too small?