Saturday, August 20, 2016

415 Media Pledge Break; A Note to Readers

Dear Readers of 415 Media:
This site has become the go-to forum for Bay Area media professionals, viewers, listeners and those who are just interested in the goings-on of the business. I am profoundly happy that I've struck a nerve.

As much as I treasure the wonderful messages of support I get from you, I can't pay my bills with your kind words. A few years ago, I floated a trial balloon about putting 415 Media behind a pay wall. After many of you vociferously protested, I reconsidered. I decided it was more important to make 415 open to all, even those who visit here often but are not necessarily enthralled with all of the content. That's OK, we don't discriminate.

So, today, I'm asking those of you that like this site, to make a donation to keep 415 Media a permanent fixture. I know things are difficult for most of you. But they're difficult for me too. That's why I've added this donation button. If you value 415 Media and can afford it, a buck or two monthly donation allows me the time to write the stories you want to know about and have come to appreciate.

Please click on my Donate button and support 415Media. You don't need to sign up for a PayPal account to make a secure and confidential donation. If you do, I'll be grateful and I'll be sure to say so by private email or call.

It's not just the faces and voices you see and hear every day who make 415 Media one of the most widely read media news blogs in the Bay Area. Many of the hard-working individuals who work long hours for short money and no recognition have given me some of my most important scoops. They do that knowing they are risking their careers to do so, but they do it because they know how important it is to shine the light of day on some of the darker aspects of the current media scene.

I know 415 Media is important to you because over 50,000 of you folks visit this site each week. Many of you write and call me to tell me just how much you appreciate reading inside information about the local television and radio personalities you love (and hate). Others have been generous about giving me news tips and sharing your insight.

I appreciate all your support and again, look forward to a lasting presence here at 415 Media.

Thanks in advance.

Rich Lieberman
415 Media


  1. And a ba-ba-booey to y'all...

  2. Is there any way you can fix this website so comments don't disappear if you hit the wrong button on the computer? I just wrote a lengthy blog and somehow it all disappeared, because I hit something on the computer. Anyway with all the people that read this daily, seems to me if just half of us contributed a little bit each months you would be doing fine. I have contemplated doing so, and probably will soon, although I don't have a lot of extra money. I have two issues, there are a lot of blogs about sports radio and TV, since I don't ever watch or listened to any of it, I don't care about those, but that is me, and a lot of people do, so I understand why you write about it. I also don't watch much local TV news, so those columns I don't read. However, when you write about radio personalities I love it, and read all of them and often comment, so that would be worth a few dollars a month. I wish you wouldn't censor my comments (i.e. don't post it)whenever I defend certain people you don't like, even though I just try to be fair. I see several comments that are crude and disgusting, even though I don't suggest you censor those.

    1. I've done that too on a few websites that use a fill-in form, especially if they don't have an auto-save function built in. If I'm typing a book to post, I normally type it in text editor and copy/paste it to the blog.