Friday, June 24, 2016

Somebody is Clearly Infatuated With Me at a Local TV News Station

Just be sure the boss doesn't catch you.


  1. Rich, I know your name's written on the wannabe genuine man's toilet seat that he uses at KGO. I know because I've seen it & he threw a holy fit when he thought I was going to use "his" stall. He yelled "go shit somewhere else!!" at me.

    1. Aaahhh...the life of an "intern" ...being told where to crap. Soo did you take your dog and poney show to the next stall as ordered??

  2. ....well it sure can't be Brian Copland. He's real busy being not tol nice and saying many bad things about you. My guess is that you struck a nerve. He's painting a real bleak picture in his attacks on you because if your opinions. I gueas a bit of constructive criticism got some panties in a bunch.

  3. It must be Pero. He is lonely this week in case you missed that fact his other half was not on screen this week.

  4. A suit AND a tie? How old school is that? They do sort of go with the hairline.

  5. Printing a dart board cover? Could be a management type's computer in any of a number of station offices.