Friday, June 10, 2016

On KTVU Friday's 'Mornings on Two' Bay Area Viewers Watched Brian Flores and Pam Cook Take Bay Area Away From Kindergarten Class

 I WANT TO ECHO A READER'S SENTIMENT: What a joy it was to watch KTVU's "Mornings on Two" this Friday --what a delight to see and hear two bright, intelligent, news people read the teleprompter and provide the morning Bay Area viewership a quality newscast bereft of trivial, inane chit-chat more suitable for kindergarten class.

Brian Flores and Pam Cook are not spectacular but they possess what most of us want: sincerity, authenticity, and respect for the viewer.

That shouldn't have to be a commodity.

They also don't mug the camera incessantly like someone else on the payroll does.

They don't need to be gimmicky because they act like sincere adult news anchors; any sort of off-prompter conversation comes across as real, you know; like real people reading the news devoid of any dumb and stupid histrionics --congratulations, KTVU (Fox2), you got it right this Friday morning because intelligence and straight-forwardness superseded silliness and cheap bravado.

Cook has always been one of Channel 2's solid presenters. She's professional and succinct and delivers an almost compact and concise newscast no matter what story. Ditto Flores, who isn't the most exciting anchor on the staff but has just enough oomph to make it work. I wasn't initially warmed up to this guy but he's quickly earned my confidence.

KTVU once possessed the greatest of legacies; a hallmark local TV News operation with great reporters and writers; solid news anchors that didn't have to chit-chat for the sake of chit-chat; a news organization that was the envy of the industry not just locally but nationally and beyond. But things are different now. Their template has been obliterated by a Fox-infused, infusion, of, well, Fox.

Friday's "MO2" was a most welcome respite from kindergarten class.

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  1. Couldn't agree more. Send OJ's buddy Dave Clark back to Mordor and Gasia Mikabigboobs wherever and keep Pam Cook and Brian Flores on.

  2. Totally agree. They were a breath of fresh air. Pam needs a makeover, she's looking kind of frumpy. She tries to happy talk but can't pull it off. Her attempts come off as annoying interruptions. I hope Fox doesn't force her into it. They are so much better than Dave/Gasia.

  3. Woah, woah, woah. A post from Rich that praises and isn't snarky or patronizing?

    Who are you and what have you done with Rich? Whatever you've done with him, good job.

  4. I used to watch MO2 religiously every day. Now I tune in only for a weather report. Imagine my glee to see Cook and Flores on after 7AM. They even did The Nine and it had a much better feel. Gasia is probably a nice person but she was awful at 4PM and even worse in the morning. I have always been a huge Cook fan. Smart professional and genuine. Flores is solid. They make a great team.

    1. Pam Cook and Brian Flores were outstanding thing morning. I prefer Gasia at 4:00 and 7:00 when she was not hyper.

  5. And over on KPIX this morning they had Julie Watts doing the weather (still better than Roberta) and finally Elizabeth Wenger subbing in at traffic (wish it was more regular). Choi and Griego are still devoid of life but these subs made it watchable.