Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Larry Beil is Apparently Happy Noshing with Rachel Ray and Anchoring News and Sports at KGO

Larry Beil and food goddess, Rachel Ray
 IT'S NOT A PRESSING ISSUE --BUT ITS DEFINITELY ON THE KGO-TV SUBJECT DOCKET; Star anchor, Larry Beil, he of the past ESPN, KTVU and for years now, ABC7's combo sports and news reader and that's the problem, sort of.

Beil and KGO are happy partners; in fact, KGO had a real good May Sweeps book (enough to keep the ND employed, I'm told) but a reoccurring question has suddenly got my Insider's ear: Does management want Beil to become a permanent news anchor? Sports? Or are they pleased with the present situation where Beil has been hybriding as both a news and sports anchor.

Most importantly, what does Beil want? My Insider says Beil is happy with the present. And why wouldn't he. He's signed for multi-years at 900 Front (at a reported $400K) and is quite happy doing the 4 PM News, his sports anchoring duties, and also the lead anchor for KGO's "After The Game" NBA Finals Show that is home to the Warriors Championship Run.

At one point, it was told to me that Beil wanted to go back to his native Hawaii and "be a big fish in a little pond." Apparently, that's in the rear-view mirror for now.

Life is good for Larry Beil.


  1. Hey Rach, shut your hole & make me some pie.

  2. I'd rate the local sports guys in this order:

    1. Beil
    2. Ibanez (he gets the most airtime)
    3. Whoever's at KNTV
    5. Radnich

  3. Larry and Shumann are the best sports team in the market.