Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Brooklyn Ira Really Likes 415 Media; A Fan And His Wife At The Deli; A Message To My Readers Too

 I HAD ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS LAST NIGHT; truly, a sort of epiphany of historical proportions.

I ran into Ira; a tough guy from Brooklyn who moved to the Bay Area several years ago. He was noshing with his wife at a local deli and came up and asked "are you the guy that writes that 415 Media blog?"

Massive fear.

I was sort of caught between saying, "yes" and no because I the guy, Ira, looked as bad ass as they come. Like a biker-type with a lot of leather on, leather jacket, pants, hat, the whole shebang. Turns out the guy is a tough ass criminal defense lawyer who looks and dresses sort of rugged.  Brooklyn Ira makes Tony Serra look like Mr. Rogers. His wife also had the leather look too but she wasn't as scary-looking, she looked great in fact.

So, after answering Ira he told me he reads me quite regularly. "You're very entertaining. You remind me of a friend of mine in NY who writes just like you. I mean, you have some off days, but you're pretty damn spot on when you 'kick it into high gear."

Mind you, I'm looking at a guy about 6 foot 4 absolutely devouring a pastrami sandwich and talking at the same time. My fear soon turned to laughter because this guy Ira was straight out of central casting. Plus he was a fan, apparently, and even though he at first scared the shit out of me, I warmed up to him and offered much appreciation. This happens more than you think; I routinely get stopped and people give me compliments (and not so much compliments too) but Brooklyn Ira and his wife, Carry, were out of this world.

I'm bragging a little now but I can't believe how many people come up to me and say how cool it is to read me and 415 Media, every day. And it's even more satisfying when it comes from the readers and those in the Bay Area media who like me for my honesty. Even more amazing is some of the most compelling fans who love my blog have at one time or another been in my crosshairs --mind you I appreciate the fact that there are those who know how to play the game and those who don't. That doesn't necessarily mean that those who have been targeted here are all smiling Johns and Jolenes; after all, in the mother of all ego departments, getting slammed by yours truly isn't always pleasant but hey, I noticed you, right? Trust me when I say it's better to be acknowledged than ignored. In today's environment, it's a downright necessity.

When being cornered (friendly, thank God) and heaved with compliments by Brooklyn Ira, that's what makes me still take the time to get this (415 Media) out day after day. Frankly, I'm still floored by the amount of people who read me; especially media people; especially media people who read me even though they can't stand me; especially media people who begrudgingly read me even if they aren't always thrilled with my content; and of course you good people (and bad) who look forward to reading me and wanting the latest on 415 Media.

Keep in mind that all of this comes with a price; its probably cost me future employment in local media circles but that's cool because they don't run me; they never have. If I did this based on trying to get a gig I sure as hell would have to be a moron because they want no part of me. Remember, I'm doing this because a lot of you depend on it and without me, you will never get the Inside information you come here to seek and look forward to reading.

Occasionally, I go off and act sort of bizarro; many of you, I'm amazed again, love that part of the blog because it's real and honest and genuine even if it appears to be less than normal and kind of disturbing, actually. Then again, it's real too for better or worse. And yes, again, you seem to enjoy it. Just like Ira said, "you're very entertaining." By the way, Ira consumed an entire cow his pastrami was that big, but I digress.

**OK, so you caught me in a decent mood for a change but I'm going to end this by quickly asking you all to click on my PayPal icon on the right side of the blog and/or DONATE/SUBSCRIBE to my site if you can; I realize many of you, me too, are struggling to make ends meet. I devote all of my time to this blog; running it, writing it, and promoting it; a literal one-man show and that costs time and money, so please, if you can, make a donation, subscribe and allow 415 Media to be an INDEPENDANT, sustainable site where you get the news and lowdown you WON'T GET ANYWHERE ELSE.

Thanks guys and girls, and many thanks to you, Brooklyn Ira and Carry.

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  1. Keep up the good work Rich! Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. "...Keep in mind that all of this comes with a price; its probably cost me future employment in local media circles.

    --Rich, you and I are around the same age (I'm a former TV news photog--and recall always seeing you in the Press Box at Giants games with your trusty K-101 cassette tape recorder).

    We're past the "sell-by" date for today's media. Their loss is our gain--keep up the great work!

    1. Let's face it the media has been dumbed down so much you have to be a hipster to appreciate it...

      It is Friday early AM and I was wondering if the new traffic gal landed at KGO TV? I see Sue Hall is still there along with Marie and Aqui...

      To prove how dumb Disney has become they put up a count DOWN clock at 4:30 AM for the remaining time until the Warrior's game tonight - the problem was it was counting up for an hour - I guess someone called them to let them knew about the on air error.

      When you see all of these gaffs you have to wonder how accurate their news stories are?

  3. You forgot to mention the readers outside of your market who have no idea who most of the people you discuss are, but love your style, writing and honesty. And sometimes really funny!