Friday, May 13, 2016

Kate Kelly Was Offered Hosting Gig at 'Good Morning America'; Armstrong and Getty Get Busy; Leyla Gulen and KGO-TV: Fire and Ice; Friday Notes

 YEARS AGO, it now turns out...a very savvy, smart, seasoned and beautiful news anchor out of the Bay Area was OFFERED the job as "Good Morning America" hostess.

That person was Kate Kelly.

According to a person who would know --someone near the vicinity, Kelly was flattered with the offer from ABC but ultimately turned it down and preferred to stay home in the Bay Area. A Stanford grad, she wanted to raise a family and continue her gig at KPIX.

Sometimes family trumps the business, good move, Kate.

FRIDAY NOTES: Hey, Armstrong and Getty, might be wise if you guys 86ed ogling certain blond, female broadcasters in the SF Cumulus Building ...get this: you can get FIRED! at KGO-TV if you don't tweet. How do I know? A respected worker told me directly ...Leyla Gulen and ABC7: fire and ice. Whoa! Apparently, Trixie told Leyla: "You're not ready for the Morning Show." Yeah, so then you hire some outsider chickie-poo from Seattle? Makes sense...Those new hires at KTVU are placed under a gag order immediately --part of FOXification and The Firm's missives. They can't talk  --they can't even talk like a pirate ...KRON's new 10 PM Newscast begins Monday; expect tons of filler at the start unless some big news event dominates the day; oh, and about 200 new "People Behaving Badly" segments; I estimate KRON does about 5-10 weather "updates" per newscast and the same for morning traffic reports. You're going to see more weather at 10 probably in the history of Bay Area TV News...Now that the Warriors have advanced to the NBA Western Finals, you'll be hearing them on KGO and KSFO; as you all know, the Giants own KNBR and get priority over everyone including God, thanks to Larry Baer.

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  1. I knew Katie's family growing up. Her real name was not Kate Kelly but Katie Supple, but you can understand why she changed it for the TV job! Her older sister Debbie was just as pretty. Debbie, last I heard, was retired and living in Alaska after working there for years as a 'Bush pilot,' ferrying people to remote areas in that wild state!

  2. > oh, and about 200 new "People Behaving Badly" segments...

    "Notice the man with the baseball cap parking his car. He is supposed to park no further than 18 inches from the curb. He is parking 18 and a quarter inches.

    "Here comes police officer Alf Crotchbite to write a ticket. The man argues that he is parked legally. Little does he know that officer Crotchbite is armed with a tape measure. And he measures the distance from the curb to the man's tire: 18 and a *quarter* inches. The man has no defense.

    "The fine for such a violation is six hundred and eighty-five dollars. The man should have known better. But he chose not to measure his parking with a tape, the way officer Crotchbite did. He was behaving badly."

    Driver: "Duuuh, I got caught behaving badly. Now I'm gonna go slash the tires of that news truck over there..."

    1. Ha !! PERFECT. Tone and all. I like PBB though

    2. $680 fine thanks to your Democratic controllers. Lovely.

  3. "Now that the Warriors have advanced to the NBA Western Finals, you'll be hearing them on KGO and KSFO; as you all know, the Giants own KNBR and get priority over everyone including God, thanks to Larry Baer."

    Why is Rich Lieberman so amazed by the fact when two parties enter into a contract the parties adhere to the terms of the contract?

    KNBR, the Giants, and the Warriors all agreed to these arrangements. There is nothing surprising or duplicitous taking place. Giants and Warrior fans are able to hear all their teams games on radio.

    So what's the problem?

  4. People who I know who have known Kelly have nothing but superlative things to say about her.

  5. The problem is Larry Baer controls everyone at KNBR.
    KNBR . . . your bay area Radio Stooge.

  6. Lockstep Larry won't let the Flagship carry a potential donnybrook between the Super Steph Warriors and Durantula Thunder? Gee, what a surprise! NOT!

  7. I have to agree Kate Kelly is a class act! I also have to make note Kate and Dave on KPIX were a very long time ago...

    It seems there were more class acts back in the day...