Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another Reluctant Foil for Radnich; Steve Aveson Adapts to KRON Routine; New 10 PM News Isn't So New or Fresh; Consistent Lousy Audio Butchers New Cast; Brittney Shipp Already Courting LA Stations; KSFO's Sussman 'Prays' for Glenn Beck; Wednesday Opener

One of the faces may be new, the pace may be different; but the overall product comes from the same scene of the crime: KRON has a new 10 PM Newscast which is really nothing more than a summation show from earlier evening newscasts; there's hardly anything "new" unless you like more "People behaving Badly" segments, a lot MORE.

Watching the 10 as I did Tuesday night, its new anchor, Steve Aveson, is nothing new really; an old, SF native which KRON is trumping up as if only to shout, "See, we're not that bad--we can get 'real anchors!" Only, Aveson looks and sounds like any middle-aged white TV News anchor; he knows how to read a teleprompter and he looks and sounds as if he's been around the block. OK, but it doesn't translate well on TV, especially when paired with old standby, Pam Moore. Sure, it takes time to develop chemistry with your new partner, but Moore looked like someone who was bored working with her new pupil.

Aveson doesn't exactly excite the senses either and offered lame and mostly uninspiring conversation notes with the various players. He wasn't helped, (this is not a surprise) with Gary Radnich's open mocking directed squarely at him (Aveson). Radnich opened his segment with a knock on Aveson appearing in KRON's new two-shot. Radnich wasn't pleased that the new guy was inching in on his space. Ha ha. Everything is a joke to Raddy. Every new anchor is his foil which would be fine only with Radnich it isn't funny; it doesn't look good on live TV; it looks, really, awkward --as if the new guy is thinking, "what the hell is this guy doing? Yeah, Mr. Aveson, welcome to the KRON 7/11 store, where sports guy messes with new character. Radnich thinks its hilarious. Everyone else is caught with the deer-in-headlights look.

The newscast itself, as we've said, isn't really anything new or innovative. There's more stories (from previous earlier shows) and some more lengthy packages but the real gist is lots more weather reports (just what we need) and extra Stanley Roberts. I like Stan but extra "PBB" segments aren't my cup of tea.

Brittney Shipp, the weather goddess, seems so delighted with her new KRON gig that she's been courting LA stations in earnest. Maybe she's tired of the drama although I'm sure she was warned; if she's truly ticked off it wouldn't be about her time; given the endless weather segments, it seems Shipp is on virtually every five minutes (which isn't so bad, by the way)

You would think with a new show, KRON would iron out all the tech glitches but they haven't; the audio issues that plague KRON's set-up are too numerous --but a constant echo noise when the anchor throws it to a reporter, or the sports guy is massively irritating --its so OBVIOUS and LOUSY and it destroys the moment, if there were a moment, but whatever.

*KSFO Morning Man, Brian Sussman "prayed" for Glenn Beck, who seems to be going crazy again.

I've tried in earnest to listen to Beck because I tend to like characters regardless of their politics or act, genuine or not, but I've never really warmed up to Beck. He seems rather disjointed and about to flip a lid at any given moment. That would be cause for entertainment for some but doesn't work for me.

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  1. I listened to Radnich a fair amount last week on KNBR and he seems to either to drill on one offbeat topic to death to prove his point with Krueger or guests or will completely derail interviews with some offpoint point of view that comes into his head. I think he thinks he's interjecting personality and not your usual focus on sports talk (and probably his KRON shows), but his comments almost always completely disrupt the flow of the programming. I'm sure he has a rationale, but I don't hear or see it beyond confusion - Krueger wings it better because of the looser format, but with a TV broadcast it unscrews a pretty firm timetable.

    1. Dyslexic Dan AykroydMay 18, 2016 at 11:16 AM

      I aent fraed of noe goest!!!

  2. Rich: You are quick to jump on all the crap on KNBR. But you still have not talked about the one "voice" on there that is truly painful. Patrick Conner is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!! He ruins Marty Lurie and know he ruins just tuning in for scores early in the morning. He is the worst. Trying to be everyone's buddy, he's the Trump of KNBR. Vomit!!

  3. Thanks for the photo of Ratnich. Going to skip breakfast and lunch today.

  4. Rich, KRON should be very pleased with your frequent reviews. If it wasn't for you, I suspect that NOBODY would be watching.

  5. Totally agree on your assessment of Glen Beck. He seems even more lost now that he has no horse in the race and spent all his emotional cookies on others.

    I kinda feel sad for him.

  6. I have the same opinion as you, Rich, regarding the new 10pm newscast. What's the point? It's just a slower, duller repeat of the 8 o'clock, and that one already felt too long. If they want to do all the news they say they want to do they need to invest in more reporters, editors, writers, etc., and create more compelling content, but of course they don't want to do that, they just want to fill time now that syndicated program has gotten so expensive. Reracking the Eight is cheaper than buying new episodes of Law and Order or whatever.

  7. Enough of all this stuff about bad news. Time for some good news. As recently reported, property crimes in San Francisco have increased 25% over last year, I thought it was much higher!

  8. KRON is an albatross. As Rich likes to point out. Pero is too busy catering to Darya to pay attention and get some serious news talent on all fronts. Radnich is a repugnant slob. His behavior on screen is that of a total jerk.

  9. Nice dye job on Radnich.

  10. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point Glenn Beck asks his listeners/followers to join him at some "utopian" compound in Guyana. After all, with the "progressives" in power, he'll get paranoid and start to think he and people like him are being persecuted by the government and the only way for them to be free is for them to start some kind of new society in a far off land. If this ever happens, and you decide to follow him, just make sure you don't drink the Kool-Aid. Just saying...

  11. For everyone's whining about Pero and this new show... I watched it and it was actually "local" and fairly good. The Oakland piece this evening was actually very well put together. Do I have occasional issues with it... yes... but once KTVU went FOX... game over... had to switch! So for me I am going to give this time slot a real chance...

  12. I watch kron because of Raddy and Pam. I like the imperfections Raddy and the technical foul-ups bring. The other newscasts are too perfect and too boring. Kron is Bay Area all the way!