Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Juliette Goodrich Fine Master Plan at PIX; Jana Katsuyama Curious Lead Presenter for KTVU; Mark Ibanez' Shit Disturber; Somerville's Sanctimony; KCBS Sends Duckworth to 49ers to Cover Kap; Wednesday Wash

Juliette Goodrich

*So, growing up, you told your mother you wanted to be a "foodie chap."

*At KGO Radio, the ND, Madam Corral, got an office visit from a higher-up about certain overnight policy. Of course there will never be a memo to staff.

Jana Katsuyama
*Funny, I never thought of KTVU's Jana Katsuyama as the front and center opening package presenter but that's just me.

*I'm never go to leave "Talk like a pirate" alone because I know Fred Zehnder would have had a shit attack, as he should. There's other people in the biz who appreciate the old, legacy, KTVU News.

*Dennis Richmond wasn't so beloved off air --that's not news to me.

*I don't think Fox is pushing Frank Somerville to make off-prompter remarks following news stories because it reeks of sanctimony --in other words, Frank, your particular form of happy/sad talk, doesn't meet the sincerity card.

*Mark Ibanez: your senior producer, Pete Lupetti, is a shit disturber. Ask Joe Fonzi.

*If PIX were to be serious about a face-of-the-station news anchor, they'd place Juliette Goodrich at the top of the list. She's good, solid, smart as hell and sexy to look at; there, so be it.

Anna Duckworth
*Let me get this straight dept: KCBS sends news reporter, Anna Duckworth to 49ersville in Santa Clara to cover Colin Kaepernick status. Huh? What next, Steve Bitker to City Hall to quiz Ed Lee?

*It wasn't only the fact he knew he had NO chance to get the weekday PM weather gig at KRON, Brian Van Aken was also put off, among other things, by the Bentley guy's persistent on-air insults. Sure, every now and then it looks cute. All the time borders on harassment --then again, Raddy controls Pero and Pero knows not to mess with Bentley guy. That's the job of management but there is NO management at KRON.

*Roberta Gonzales had the flu last week and it really knocked her out; so, what did she do?  Posted a picture on Facebook. Oy Vey.

Christin Ayers
*If Christin Ayers wants the CNN job she better act on it immediately because Atlanta is tired of waiting.

*BREAKING NEWS: "Dancing with the Stars" has apparently kidnapped the KGO-TV "Morning" show.

*That loudmouth reporter known for his shitty tipping and obnoxious behavior was spotted at Grumpys being a real prick. I think there's something in the tuna melt he orders on a religious basis. Along with the multiple Guinness jars too.

Sal Castaneda
*My prediction: Sal Castaneda has a chance to become the third highest-paid personality at KTVU on his next contract. Assuming Sal wants more money, but $300K isn't nothing to sneeze at.

*The next time I speak to KNTV (NBC Bay Area) lead tonsil, Raj Mathai, about his Summer Olympics plan in Rio I'll ask if he's going because if it were me I'd skip. I hate mosquitoes and mysterious viruses.

*JR Stone: People trying to behave badly.

*KRON: finally nailed the too-close studio camera. Now if you could just nail the shitty audio when anchor throws it to sports and weather person.

*I love the local media mutts trying their best to become, suddenly, experts on terrorism and other international stories. They outta just read their copy and stick to El Nino packages.

*KNBR once again using interns for sports updates. Way to protect the brand, whatever the hell that is.

A real live foodie chap


  1. Hmph.,,how about washin your ass for once on a Wednesday Wash?!?

  2. Silver lining to Roberta Gonzales being out is that Elizabeth Wenger was on air this morning.

    1. Roger that! Great lady, beautiful woman! Would like to see more of her!!

    2. She is a little too whitebread for me. Would rather watch KTVU. CBS 5 is really going for the Aryan look

  3. Since KCBS is hiring a lot of KGO people, maybe they should have Christine cover Jan Wahl's Ass.

  4. Rich, if you Yelp KTVU...there is keen observate, and many recent one-star only ratings.

    Do you write reviews for them? ;).

    They were pretty on-point like some of your stuff.

    BTW, What is the deal with Darya's rack today? Always assumed bolt-ons, but after this morning's "news"... I'm thinking' Wonder Bra.

  5. Roberta caught the flu. I wonder if she had a "flu" shot? I haven't had the flu in 49 years. How did I do it? I haven't had a flu shot in 49 years!!

    The "experts" say the flu shot will not give you the flu! The last time I received a flu shot, at age 21, I still remember how sick I got, I was off work for an entire week. That was the last flu shot I ever got!

    When you get as old as I am, you realize there are very few "experts," but just people trying to amplify their own personal agenda!!

    1. I have auto insurance and life insurance. Haven't died or had an accident yet.

    2. If you haven't had an auto accident yet you're overdue. Most people have at least one by age 21. Maybe you're really young.

  6. I personally think Foodie Chap should be the face of KPIX... But...Hey.. What do I know..mate!?

  7. > *KRON: finally nailed the too-close studio camera. Now if you could
    > just nail the shitty audio when anchor throws it to sports and weather person.

    I'm surprised you haven't commented on the worse audio on KTVU, how the stings are pumped up to grab your attention. I'm always grabbing my remote to futz with the volume when I watch KTVU, which is rarer and rarer these days. And now they have rock music bumpers before weather! Pure Fox. In other words, pure shit.

    And those faces of concern and sad "Uuums" that Frankie and Julie make after every "heartbreaking" story. If they're so concerned about the downtrodden, why don't they volunteer in soup kitchens or at churches or whatever? Frank's too busy driving his Corvette or whatever he's got these days and Julie's too busy wasting tons of water in her East Bay McMansion, despite being "so concerned" on air about water conservation.

  8. PS... Has anyone ever seen "Foodie Chap" and John Lund in a room together??

  9. Jesus a first semester journalism student can do Sal's job. Corny jokes, stupid music on Fridays.

    Jana is so much better looking in person. She isn't really photogenic.

    Rich, I see your black fetish is itching again.

  10. Foodie Chap is the worst segment on KCBS, bar none. The guy's accent is so thick you can't understanding what he's saying.

  11. Goodrich = Star Quality Personified

  12. Speaking of s*#@ audio, KNTV news sounds really bad coming through my system at home. In waiting for NBC Nightly News (w/ Lester Holt), I catch the last 2 minutes of KNTV at 5. Apparerenrly the sound mix is mono, When the network switches to Nightly, My system switches to 5.1. It's nerve wracking to hear the vocals coming from the L and R speakers perched on top of my ceiling. That sound doesn't belong there. Even if it were "only" stereo as opposed to 5.1, the system would send the sound to the correct speakers. I know some would say it's only news but if your audio comes through your receiver system, the vocals need to come through the center channel, other wise it is grating on the ear.

  13. Never really understood the fuss over Juliet Goodrich. Way too much make-up (looks like a clown). And quite frankly, I don't think the low-cut look works well for her (maybe 20 years ago, but not now).

  14. I agree that Juliette Goodrich should be the #1 female main anchor at KPIX. She has all the qualities for a great anchor. She's a good anchor/journalist. She is good looking, real likeable, and, also, she has a good delivery reading the news and is real natural in front of the camera. She is far better than any of the other women reading the news at KPIX.

  15. Sal is not worth $300K. If Sal had to pay for the errors that he makes, he'd owe FOX money.

  16. Raj isn't going to Rio, someone else is.

  17. I yield to no one in praising Dennis Richmond's abilities, but to me his rather aloof and unexpressive manner didn't quite achieve "beloved" status. I mean Claud Mann registered higher on the warm-and-fuzzy scale.

  18. KNBR let an intern do updates?They let them run the board during live shows having NO experience so why wouldn't they allow some college intern do updates. They don't have to pay them squat.
    For crying out loud they should let one be PD. I'm sure whomever the 'intern' was they have a parent who is friends with management.

  19. Rich...When is Frank from KPIX Morning Show last day???

  20. Don't get the Jana thing either. Not attractive.