Thursday, March 17, 2016

John Madden is OK but Won't Be Returning to KCBS Anytime Soon; Complication from Open-Heart Surgery

 John Madden has been noticeably absent from his nationwide (and KCBS, here locally) radio broadcast duties; for good reason; Madden underwent open-heart surgery last December, but the procedure went well and word was Madden would be back soon enough.

When he was still absent Super Bowl Week rumors began to swirl that he wasn't anywhere near recovery and that it would be some time, if any, before his return.

415 Media has learned, through a source, that Madden is OK but that scar tissue near his incision has been building. It's not known if he will return to radio.

Madden turns 80 next month.

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  1. Anyone who has had surgery knows the risk of scar tissue. The incision can easily be ripped back open. John is almost 80 which complicates things. Also I notice before he went on Hiatus due to surgery he gained a lot of weight back, I don't know if the doctors made him lose weight before the surgery but any surgery can have complications.

  2. Best wishes to the coach for a speedy recovery. I can still remember when he'd talk with Gene Nelson in the mornings on the old KSFO.

  3. John has put in a remarkable lifetime of work. Hope he is able to enjoy the 4th quarter of his days with us.

  4. If he's out of the limelight I expect that the Madden Football video game will change it's name or do something to maintain visibility. Well maybe they could let it slide for a year but that would be the max.

    1. I don't think so. The Madden brand is synonymous with the video game. Kids still play it who have little knowledge of John Madden as coach or broadcaster.

  5. Get well Coach!!

  6. Time to sing "The Party's Over"...

  7. My thoughts & Prayers go out to John Madden, & his Family. Get well soon Coach!

  8. I wish him well. I will miss his insight in the morning show.