Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love Connections

 *Allie Rasmus/KTVU: For not only being a good reporter; tenacious, relentless, probing; but also, so easy on the eyes. (So easy)

*Anne Makovec/KPIX: Underrated Sunday anchor; straightforward, precise, crisp and steady, consistent too. That's sexy.

*Melanie Woodrow/KGO: You have grown on me, Mel. If you took the tough face off when in public, you'd be even better than you are. Superficiality beckons, be careful.

*Juliette Goodrich/KPIX: Elegant and smooth, like a perfect beef burgundy --you have the Utopian formula down: beautiful and commanding --just watch the ego and maintain the Princess Grace persona and you'll be a Monday/Friday anchor, which you should be anyway.

*Christin Ayers/KPIX: You are better than I thought; a bit "soft" every now and then but then again, if you were a grunter, you wouldn't probably get the interviews and inside. Love the jeans look and Atlanta, "Hello" buddy deal, it's a keeper.  Speaking of Atlanta, I wish you'd stay here. Wait out CNN, you're only 32.

*Kira Klapper/KNTV: You have that LA buzz and enthusiasm --cheery and eternally happy. The professional sexy look has a sort of KCAL badge, might be best to check out SoCal real estate.

*Ama Daetz/KGO: You have come full circle. You are truly an amazing, beautiful, graceful and yes, sexy, news reader with Halle Berry looks and Sara Sidner pizazz --a younger Dana King. Lose some of the office gossip that you're sort of hard to get along and you'll be sniffing NY sooner rather than later.

*Rosemary Orozco/KTVU: Rosy, you're getting major face (and body) time --you're bigger than KTVU, that's not saying much but even I have to admit, yes, you're one, damn, great-looking broad. You can be my high-pressure-system any day. By the way, you can even talk like a pirate.

*Brittney Shipp/KRON: It's your wardrobe; the blue dresses, the black belts, the shoes--you look great! Philly loss, SF gain. I like the personality, the visual flair and strong delivery. I suggest we have some fondue and crackers with a glass of cab at the Fisherman's Wharf Holiday Inn. (Oh, I repeat, careful with the Bentley guy)

*Jan Wahl/KCBS: Just kidding.

*Vicki Liviakis/KRON: Vickster, you are a certified star. The best Greek asset since Frosene Phillips --you're better looking now then you were at KFRC --thank god for teleprompters too, you read so well.

*Cheryl Hurd/KNTV: My favorite NBC Bay Area reporter. It's not just the tough reporter, the go-get-'em appearance and rapid response --it's the allure of you and me sipping Mickey Rooney's at the Van Ness Avenue Holiday Inn.

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  1. Catherine Heenan, and Marla Tellez (who hopefully will return home one day).

  2. Makovec needs to shed some pounds. Rosemary Orozco has a hot bod but is a one-bagger when it comes to her face. Ama Daetz is OK if you want a Stepford Wife. Juliette can't seem to get her makeup right. That's been her problem for years. Vicki is looking old. Would have made my Top 10 list about 20 years ago.

    Omissions from your list: Tara Moriarty, Janine De la Vega, Thuy Vu, Frances Dinglasan, Claudine Wong, Priya David Clemens

    1. Agree with Tara Moriarty, Thuy Vu and Frances Dinglasan

  3. Justine Waldman at KRON is very good.

  4. I have never seen a time when the Bay area had so many beautiful, intelligent, hot and sexy women doing the news and weather. They have thrown out the "Grandma" dress code and I can hardly wait to see what the future will bring. Better watch out Fox (cable), we have beautiful news/weather babes also, and because of them, it just gets better and better!

  5. What no mention of the lovely and vivacious Christine Craft? You know she was on Letterman.

  6. You forgot Ross Palumbo, Rich.

  7. Anna Duckworth. Absolute stunner in person, solid reporter.

  8. Robin Winston should be on here, Rich!

    She's beautiful, smart, and knows her stuff.

    Also, Annie Hong should be on here as well!

    I also agree about Justine Waldman.

  9. What about Kari Hall and Claudine Wong?

  10. Do you like sexy women? Jessica Aguirre is on fire ton ight. Pay attention @ 11

  11. I'd LOVE to watch the sunset at Big Sur with Sandyha Patel.

  12. Michelle Roberts. .. the thirties something KNTV reporter, is a hottie too!

  13. Katie Marzullo belongs on the list.