Monday, February 22, 2016

KGO-TV Loses Another Staffer to KNTV; Colin Resch; Sports Producer/Fill-In Anchor Headed to NBC Bay Area; Monday Open

Colin Resch on his way to KNTV
 MY ABC7 spy has informed 415 Media of news that KGO-TV has lost another senior staffer to KNTV (NBC Bay Area); top sports producer and lead fill-in anchor, Colin Resch is on his way to San Jose.

There's a back story to this development.  By my conservative count, at least 23 KGO staffers have left 900 Front since ND, Tracey Watkowski's arrival in early 2012.


And most left because of various feuds and hassling with Trixie's mercurial managing--its no coincidence that Resch was often mistreated by a director who has a knack for playing favorites--her favorites.


  1. Any word if Steve Paulsen's actually going to KGO-TV?

  2. The only meteorologist I like at KGO is Lisa Argen. Spenser is OK but I always thought he was brought in to do that defunct PM show and weather so he is apparently paid a lot to do very little lacking the PM show. I must wonder with the programming changes what his future is there. Patel has such odd hours I almost never see her and I can't stand arrogant Nicco wafers. If I were in charge of weather Lisa would be top billed and I would never hire Paulsen as he babbles so much he drives me crazy (and I'd kick his ass for blocking SF on the map) while he babbles.

    A great pairing would be Paulsen and Roberta they could trade weather tweeters all day long. I hope when he leaves KTVU he takes his weather tweeters with him.

    I love Sue Hall on traffic Sue is a class act and long time local and a super hard worker. While she ain't a kid she is a lot better than that snot Witchey Goulean who got kicked out of KGO.

  3. Colin's a great guy. Big loss for 7.

  4. I love the current weather folks on KGO. I just wish that Sandyha Patel would have the same time slot daily. Instead, in the evening, the weather reporters daily shifts change with Sandhya, Drew Tuma, and Spencer. This does not make sense.

  5. Yeah, I just noticed Colin on KNTV sports. No wonder I hadn't seen him on KGO for awhile. Now if the weather people on KGO can have the same shifts on a nightly basis. Sandhya Patel, Drew Tuma and Spenser seem to be seen nightly at different times. Gets confusing. I love Sandyha but she should chat about other things than just the weather. Drew and Spenser both do extra chatting.