Wednesday, February 24, 2016

415 Media Exclu: Kessler Shoots Back at KPIX; 'Shame To See They're Still In The Gutter'; 'It's Not You, Frank' (Mallicoat)

 I CONTACTED JOHN KESSLER (pictured with Sydnie Kohara) to get a reaction on his replacement, Frank Mallicoat, being let go by KPIX.

It's a decision that still haunts the CBS-SF suits; based on the regular e-mail I get, literally hundreds of viewers never forgave PIX and to this day, refuse to watch in the morning.

Kessler, who is now out of TV and is a financial advisor in upstate NY, had this reaction about the latest PIX transaction--as usual, he didn't pull any punches.

"You come into a job hoping you’ll make a difference.  If it doesn’t happen, sometimes it’s your fault.  Sometimes it’s not.  I hope Frank doesn’t take it personally.
When I left (shown the door), I was given an analogy.  They told me: “our ratings are on the curb right now, what do we have to lose by stepping off?”
Shame to see they’re still in the gutter.  It’s not you, Frank."


  1. Sydnie Kohara, one of the greatest voices I have ever heard delivering the News.

  2. Oh yuo hush, I'm the fucken Queen of SF Bay Area media, godamit!!! Arrrr!!!

    1. You throw a mean tomato too, G.I. Joe.

  3. Kessler was at WENY-TV Elmira for a bit...Not sure now.

  4. John Kessler is a big talent and a major loss to the bay area media scene. Same goes for Mark Thompson.

  5. John, a talented and nice guy I used to have the pleasure of writing for, hit the nail right on the head.