Thursday, February 11, 2016

415 Media Breaking: KGO Radio Eliminates Weekend 5-9 AM News; Updated: Last Newscasts This Saturday/Sunday

 KGO RADIO "Weekend News" has been eliminated, I've been told by multiple sources.

Last Sunday was the final 5-9 AM newscast. (Actually, the final newscasts are this Saturday and Sunday)

Not confirmed but on the hit list: ALL local news updates on KGO during the weekend are a goner.

So, if you like a lot of  canned real estate and financial shows, you're in heaven now.

The Cumulus  CUT is in.

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  1. Thank You, Cumulus, for screwing over the former No#1 Radio Station in the Bay Area. And Thank You, Weintraub & Owens & people of your filth for leading the way.

  2. No more nudes in Playboy. No more weekend KGO news. The World is coming to an end. If you want me, I will be in my under ground bunker in the backyard!

  3. Who in their right mind listens to the Purity products and financial infomercials that are KGO's weekend mainstays? Cumulus couldn't have eff'ed this station more, we thought. Hah!

    I wish they would be run out of town for their shameful dismantling of a SF radio institution. I wonder when the Dickeys will file for bankruptcy. No decent buyer would purchase the KGO albatross.

    Yep, I am still PO'ed ....

  4. The weekend "Morning News" was always a strange concept...there isn't, really, all that much news on weekend mornings...yea, there is always the chance of a DUI related crash that closed a freeway overnight or something of the such, but real NEWS...not so much!

    And this prompts me to ask, again, why Cumulus has left KMJ 580AM Fresno untouched? It's my go-to talk station these days. Good, not great, but good, live and local talk radio, discussing issues with broad appeal that often, but not always, lean toward their right-ish audience. Energetic local hosts who know their market and most have the talent to move on from it if they wanted to. Weekends and evenings/overnight are mostly paid and/or brokered programming and discount syndicated content but not everything...including a very entertaining live-and-local restaurant talk show at 1pm on Saturdays.

  5. No news is good news? Or something like that maybe? I don't know about everyone else but watching and listening to the news is usually a downer, you know the old saying "If it bleeds it leads" business. News takes a lot of FTE to do right. I'm sure we'll all be more relaxed if we just get canned content, it's the way of the world now.

  6. Can never get too much krill oil information.

  7. But I thought this all news format was suppose to be an exciting change? Great. More canned syndicated crap that no one listens to.

  8. Gadget Man Blowensteinnnnnnnnnn will come out and say: "this is a brilliant move by cumulus management. Give a try I am sure you will LOVE this format change".

  9. KMJ averages in the mid 5's in ratings. Granted, it's a much smaller market but my guess is that their staff doesn't make half of what the SF market pays. Remember Ted Baxter on the old Mary Tyler Moore Show always talking about the "5,000 watt station in Fresno" where he got his start? Probably was KMJ :)

  10. Surprised to hear KGO actually make an on-air announcement about today being the last Saturday morning newscast. Complete with Bob Hope's "Thanks For the Memories!"

    1. Yes we did. Thought we owed it to our audience. Thanks for listening!

  11. Since when did "we" give a damn at what "we" owed to our audience!!!!!!! Go put your head back up your ass and enjoy the aroma....since you have been forcing it down our throats!