Friday, January 8, 2016

Ronn Owens goes Ballistic Over Non-CES Vegas Broadcast; Gulen Thinking About KGO Suit; Super Bowl Tix Creates Fuss at KPIX; Friday One-Liners

 OWENS goes ballistic over not being in Vegas!

KGO's Ronn Owens is furious that his show is not broadcasting from the huge CES (Consumer Electronic Show) Show in Las Vegas.

Owens, the self-described "Gadget Man" (supposedly, he's got over 10 cell phones) is one pissed-off talker.

Owens is seething --(he's told very few KGO people) because management decided to 86 programming from the Vegas event "at the last minute." Said an insider: "Cumulus is cutting back on anything even remotely deemed 'discretionary spending--it's simply not in the budget." In other words: It costs too much.

Sorry, Ronnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. You could always extend the 'R and B 'Joke Hour' to a full show or bring back 'Up to 30'--uh, the latter? That'll never happen. Gees, I wonder why.


Leyla Gulen, it would seem, must be happy. She was dumped at KGO-TV (ABC7); fired for being insubordinate after learning she wouldn't be on the station's new morning show.

But now, Gulen is headed across the nation to lovely (uh) Charleston, SC to work at Fox24 as their 10 PM anchor.

STOP right there: In fact, Gulen, who comes across as sweet and cuddly (not!) is still outraged that KGO gave her the heave-ho; how much so? Gulen discovered she was a goner by showing up to work and discovering her security card key was deactivated! (Ouch) That didn't sit well with the former ballerina --who has reportedly called a "prominent" SF attorney to "weigh any legal options."

As they say, stay tuned.


* Some KPIX staff, are waged in an outright "war" over the CBS O and O's allotment of Super Bowl tickets. Seems the big suits have received the bulk of the prized Santa Clara tickets while lower-level, (gees, what a shock) staff have been told they won't get any ducats --the result is what you expect. Another issue at 855 Battery that has put a crimp on labor-management relations. Way to boost morale.

*Those ubiquitous "Non-24" ads are becoming radio spots diarrhea --then again, the company that puts them out doesn't give a damn.

*Hey, Gasia Mikaelian, you can tell your friends at KTVU that "I don't give a damn about 'this station's reputation, I'm here to get a paycheck"--just keep in mind, some of those that work their ass off to make your job easier are not so thrilled.

*Ross Palombo: a legend in his own mind. The Italian Ron Burgundy.

*Put  Ronnnnn, Copeland and Jason Middleton into a room with the equally insufferable, Mike Amatori and you'll see more brown toilet paper that you see when visiting the bathroom at the SF Zoo.

*BREAKING NEWS: Bill Martin just performed his 18th weather tease on the 10 O'clock News, a new world record.

*Ann Killion and Jan Wahl are reportedly in deep thought to create a new play: "Double Yentas!"

*Brian Hackney's rally cry at PIX: "Hey, you could have had Henry Tannenbaum!"

*Sal Castaneda is taking musical requests while he anchors traffic on KTVU thereby FOX now completely fucking up the entire old Channel 2 legacy. At least he hasn't begun talking like a pirate. Yet.

*John Sasaki shot some news content (furry animals) with his cell-phone camera. The union guys at KTVU are furious.

*Frank Somerville: pompous with hair plugs and whose ego has shot through the roof. One more thing: Your YouTube commentaries are amazingly similar to that of KGO's Dan Ashley. Gees, I wonder why.

*Ben Bland Torres: When writing that multi-thousand word Puffy Press Release on KNBR Krueger (which has, so far, drawn 1! response) forgot some outstanding items. Some of you already know what were the obvious notes that Benjie left out. Ben is in another world thinking it's 1979 and he's still penning for Rolling Stone.

*Of course Ben could have written more extensively about the bloated one who still parks his used Bentley in the handicapped parking spot at 900 Front. Just don't drive a Jag in the Tenderloin anymore.


  1. The story behind all the Non 24-and Kars 4 Kids-spots is simple:the more of them you hear the fewer spots the station is actually selling.

  2. I think it's hilarious that Mr Cheapskate got screwed himself by his bosses; Hmph, teach his ass a thing or two.

    1. Very true. What goes around, comes around.
      Ronn (Mr Cool) Owens had his comeuppance.
      Ronn, how about spending some of your own cash!

  3. Ron, yuo get yuor ass in Jael!!

  4. There is no there...there at KPIX.

  5. No one under 40 knows who Ronn Owens is. If he had ratings better than Gil who has 1/3 the signal maybe he'll make it to a convention in Reno.

    1. Anyone not in media who moved to the Bay Area within the last 10 yrs has no idea what KGO is!

    2. I have listened to Gil and Ronn for a long time, Gil use to fill in for Ronn on KGO, back then both were a lot better. Gil then took over Pete Wilson's spot, after Pete's untimely death, I still listened, but after awhile I found he often had shows and and picked subject I didn't care much about, but he still took calls, and I would always turn in to see what his subject was. However, ever since he has moved to 910 his show has become practically unbearable to listen to. Ronn is not as good as he use to be, but he has not taken the huge downward turn Gil has, partly because he still take calls and he still get some decent callers, he also often has good subjects and he still does a very good interview if he has an interesting guest. I get that some people don't like him, I don't know if I like him, I just know that if I'm stuck in traffic, I can listen to him, not so with Gil for about 90% of the time. Besides that I think some personal comments about Ronn, especially attacking his looks and age is below the belt and really irrelevant to his show, the comment about handicapped parking is also unfair, Ronn has been diagnosed with Parkinson, which is a very serious disease with many side effect.
      Attack his show his radio personality, but leave the rest alone.

  6. Leyla Gulen is suing??? What case could she have??? They fired her. It happens, get over it.

    Frank Somerville: Nice guy, but he really doesn't have a lot to say. I worked with him and he's pleasant but not the most insightful or deep guy in the world. He's a personable, handsome jock who got a job in TV because he was purdy--think William Hurt in Broadcast News. Maybe not that bad, but you get the idea. And now they want him to do these commentaries and write these lengthy Facebook posts--well, he must feel like a Titanic passenger bobbing up and down on a collapsible dingy. So I'm not surprised what you're finding...

    1. Somerville reminds me of Ted Baxter of old MTM fame.

  7. enough My Pillows already.. his pill is sickening

  8. I find it incredible that an able-bodied man is allowed to park his car in the handicap zone.
    This behavior is cowardly.

  9. Ronn if you are so indignant about the CES cancellation of your show, why don't you show some of that tough-guy bravado towards management?

    1. Ronn has been on thin ice for years and now even more so since the new person in charge is slashing costs. I doubt this story is true because he wouldn't have the guts to get vocal about anything.

    2. Oh David, we love you so!! Is there anything you don't have an opinion on? Don't forget to wipe!! Love & Kisses, Your Friends at KGO

    3. Staffer, you aren't allowed to leave the psych ward yet. Now go take your meds.

    4. Unlike Ronn, I can actually pick a side, and remember it.

    5. And the point above is spot on about "no one under 40." I currently play on two soccer teams, one over 30. No one on my team knew what KGO was when I would tell them i worked there. I'd have to say "do you know knbr? Well we are the talk station owned by the same company."


      Even funnier is how the guys at KNBR have never heard Ronn. That's no joke. A number of my friends there have said to me "I've actually never heard him before." They've been at KNBR for years. Not even sure that's Ronn's fault though, at least not completely. After all, all the other hosts are gone, he remains, and yet his ratings are disgustingly low.

      Anyway, it was actually pretty disappointing, in truth, that people didn't know what KGO was. Unfortunately the Bay area is probably the least connected major market to radio for under 40 crowd because of the infatuation with tech related culture. Kind of funny to think about Ronn at CES though.

      I remember arguing with Metheny before his death, after Renee Bakos stuck him on me. Neither of them knew what SERIAL was, as Kevin told me "the audience doesn't have patience for long form's a new day
      ...I want quick and out..."

      Then I asked how come young people listen to SERIAL. Neither of them knew what it was. Metheny asked me "what are you talking about? What does cereal have to do with anything?"

      Renee sat there with her drug filled eyes wondering the same...or maybe she was dreaming? "Wonder what happened to that Randall guy? Is he coming back? I could use a bowl of cereal..."

    6. Preach on traub. Many of us stay anonymous because of the repercussions that would certainly come about. I won't speak for anyone else but I appreciated your candidness.

  10. Great post. Benny the Fong is a shrill. He's what they would call in sports a homer. His column is an infomercial. It has nothing to do with nothing. He's a legend in his own mind.

    As for Lowenstein, shut up Putz!

    Nice photo of that schmuck Fatnich. Your day is still coming, you bloated tub of goo.

    Keep taking these self-serving media mongers to task, Dickie Lieberman.

    1. I don't know what this guy is talking about, but I love the way he says it.

  11. Gulen you need to eat. Have a cheeseburger and fries!

  12. Rent is past due on that "Ronn Owens Studio"
    .....cumulus dumped that studio after a mere 2 weeks.
    he's furious with being cooped up in that studio with people farting.
    .... Inhale that cumulus gas ... aaahh

  13. Ronn Owens...I never got it....he was a guy who when syndicated couldn't make it in LA. They were used to an intelligent erudite British gentleman named Michael Jackson who could converse on a myriad of subjects without the hint of ego that the cock eyed one couldn't....he has been lucky he had lap dogs here to get him into retirement.

  14. At least you know Frank Somerville reads your blog!!!

    Here's Frank's response from his Facebook page:

    One of the strange things about working in television is that you have to be able to deal with criticism.
    Case in point what someone wrote about me today:
    “*Frank Somerville: pompous with hair plugs and whose ego has shot through the roof.“
    Normally I wouldn’t respond.
    But I’m making an exception today because I was just so surprised that someone would think that.
    First of all I’ve been very open about the fact that I got hair transplants.
    It was never something I tried to hide.
    In fact it was some of the best money I ever spent.
    Pompous and egotistical?
    Those are two words that just aren’t in my vocabulary.
    If I really was pompous and egotistical I would be embarrassed.
    I have no patience for people like that.
    There was one response to what was written about me and it wasn't complimentary either.
    Here’s what they said:
    ”Frank Somerville:
    Nice guy, but he really doesn't have a lot to say.
    I worked with him and he's pleasant but not the most insightful or deep guy in the world.
    He's a personable, handsome jock who got a job in TV because he was purdy—think William Hurt in Broadcast News.”
    I have no idea who this person is or when they worked with me.
    All I can say is this.
    I didn’t get into this business because I wanted to be on TV.
    I got into this business because I care.
    And I’d like to think that anyone who reads my posts will realize that I actually have “a lot to say” and that I am a “deep guy.”
    The bottom line is this.
    People are going to see what they want to see.
    Lets face it.
    There is a stereotype about TV anchors.
    I get that.
    But at the end the day I know who I am.
    I’m I guy who works in television because I want to help people.
    And I’m a dad who loves his family.

  15. More follow up from Frank Somerville KTVU on Facebook:

    Frank Somerville KTVU One last note. I didn't do this post to get sympathy. I did this post because I think it's important to stand up for yourself and respond. Especially when people say things that just aren't true. i also get that not everyone is going to like me. and that's cool. i just don't want anyone thinking i'm pompous and egotistical. i go out of my way to show people that im not what they might consider to be a "typical tv anchor". i know i can look myself in the mirror. and the day i can't is the day i get out of this business.

  16. I think KGO should stay with Sue Hall for traffic. She is not a dunce kid like Leyla... If I were called for a jury in Gulen's trial I'd probably get dismissed as I thought she was a zero from day one.

    I have to agree with the stupid Tweets on weather both - KPIX and KTVU need to ditch this BS... Who cares if Elmer Fud in Napa slipped in the snow on a cold day.

    If you want an award do the weather in the charming professional way Lisa Argen does it as far as I'm concerned she is the gold standard for Bay Area Weather and the Platinum standard for a charming woman...

    I've thought for years we should have a kill switch on the local news casts. If too many viewers think it stinks that particular on air "talent" gets dumped.

  17. If KPIX suits are using the SB ducats for anything other than wooing ad clients to buy more ads they should be fired.