Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Back On Thursday

I know you couldn't sleep.

Neither could I, sort of.


  1. I hope everything's ok, Rich!

  2. I've really missed your snarky, irritable, sarcastic, irreverent, impertinent (did I forget anything?) blogs
    or whatever it is called that you do to entertain all of
    us at the group home. Welcome back.

  3. Arrrgh! Without your guidance I left KPIX yesterday.

    Loyal since Dave and Wendy and Joel, I just couldn't take any more of the Super-Bowl shitteree.

    The final straw? LIZ RETURNED FROM MAT LEAVE!

    Not to worry, I'm learning to love KGO.

    Please return in a hurry to let me know if I made the right decision. (KRON? My rabbit ears don't reach that far. KTVU? They talk too fast and I've never respected hairplugged anchors.)

  4. I can smell the ASS!! already!!

  5. I seriously started thinking you had gone to the other side (died) when I noticed your Twitter had been inactive for days. Thank God you're fine. Who is the prick trolling you and mocking you on Twitter? Gutless!!!

  6. Take your time...I hope all is well. We all can wait.

  7. Oh I see.
    You are being released from the county jail on Thursday.

  8. Was worried KTVU Pirate kidnapped you!

  9. Back with a fury.
    This is the way to start the New Year.
    And it is interesting that Ben Fong-Torres (How I fondly remember KSAN) conveniently did not make any mention of the other hosts indiscretions.