Monday, December 7, 2015


{Happy 100, Frank}

415 Media Video Monday Finale


  1. Thank You, Rich, for another great video pick!! The Chairman Of The Board!! Yes, Yes!! If Mr. Sinatra were alive today, you'd see a blur as his Italian shoe kicketh the crapola out of Mz. Craft's Ass Region.

  2. Why bring Christine Kraft into this. Music is not political, I love Sinatra's music, and listen often have several of his CD's, not sure I would like him as a person, if you ever read Lauren Bacall's autobiography, he didn't exactly break off with her nicely, let's just say he was not a gentleman, I disagreed with some of his political views, agreed with others, apparently he was quite adamant about equal treatment for blacks, especially back when it wasn't the in thing to do (forties and fifties). He was for Kennedy, but later became a Reagan supporter. I just enjoy his music, voice and some of his movie performance (From here to Eternity, very apropos on Dec. 7) and don't care about this politics.

  3. The Chairman.
    Who was Tony Bennett's favorite singer? Sinatra.
    Who was Sinatra's favorite singer? Tony Bennett.
    The two greatest of all time.