Tuesday, October 6, 2015

BREAKING: Thomas And Zse Gonno From The KGO-TV Morning News; It's Official: Rasmussen And Pritchett OUT At KTVU; Wild Day By The TV News 415 Media Bay

pritchett rasmusen ktvu BEEN A WILD DAY at KTVU and KGO-TV.

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As I reported here first, both veteran reporters Eric Rasmussen and Ken Pritchett are gone from KTVU. It was all about the money --don't believe any other reasons--to their credit, both Rasmussen and Pritchett took the high road. But both turned down some rather repulsive offers from FOX.

Meanwhile, my source at KGO tells me both Eric Thomas and Kristen Sze have been kicked off the Morning Show. Might be noted there's some anchor shuffling taking place at 900 Front and both seem destined for other time slots.

Don't know all the details here but it appears that one big issue involving the duo's 86 might be the fact that both hate each other and in the end, that may have accelerated their departure. No word on replacements yet but think heavily this dynamic duo.

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  1. Too bad. Sze was pretty good, easy to wake up to.

  2. Sometimes people work better around those they either dislike, or get them riled up.
    Those are times, when acting and sounding like the best professional becomes a competitive sport. May the BEST anchor win!!!

  3. I wouldn't be surprised to see some younger faces anchoring the KGO morning news. Sze is getting older and has been out a couple of times on maternity leave. Maybe management wanted to strike her off the morning shift before she got pregnant again. In that case Thomas would just be collateral damage to get a fresh team in the morning. I don't think I noticed any issues between them but I didn't register any warm fuzzies between them either. A younger morning team is probably the aim of management. I don't know if that really makes much sense because the morning news audience is probably old.

    1. Audience is old but young anchors are cheaper. That's all they care about.

      Where I Sze and I could at all argue that they wanted me off because of my pregnancies, I'd sue.

      If I were Thomas I'd play the race card. What the hell? I'm not a big fan of this in general, but he's a swell guy and should get a better deal than he is.

  4. It's not about how old you are, it's about how little money you're willing to work for.

  5. I am surprised these two were still on. I only turned on 7 when the other stations were at commercial. Eric Thomas always came across as unprepared and bumbling, even when he was good. Nice guy, but never kept my interest. Sze was fine. Neither annoying enough to take note...unlike Roberta G. on KPIX! Man, I can't stand the dramatic.... pauses to add ...interest in...(big breath)...the...WEATHER. Please bring back the Great Karnow. Still I try to keep in on KPIX to avoid Entertainment Tonight at 7 AM. Wait, that is GMA. Same over-the-top show.

  6. Reggie Aqui would be awesome in the mornings

  7. Gee ... I really liked Thomas. He quietly and professionally does his job, no silliness and irrelevant comments. A pleasant delivery, but none of the phoniness so prevalent. One of the few I can watch.

  8. Hmm, Pritchard was on last night and Sze was on this morning. So there's that.