Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday Morning Coffee and Some KCBS Quick Hits From The 415 Media


Funny, the so-called journalistic halos at KCBS mightily coming to the aid of a colleague they quietly mocked only a few weeks earlier; that too, according to a few more sources. It happens in a lot of offices but I'm laughing at all the succulent sanctimonious bullshit.

Laughing in the newsroom, eh? Well laugh at this: The continuing rumors that Cumulus is going to buy your ass and begin outsourcing traffic and sports reports, Mr and Mrs 15 and 45.

*The station some of whose tonsils said I executed yellow journalism had a morning sports reporter breathlessly "report" a fake tweet a few weeks back only to have to go back on the air and say he was duped.

*Yeah, when I think of KCBS, I automatically think of Edward R. Murrow and Ben Bradlee.

*THIS JUST IN: Juicy and not-that-juicy gossip is a part of the model here. Most of it is true, it's just not the kind of material that, say, you'll see in the Chronicle, which is why you come here.

*Doug Sovern: I'd concentrate more on your reporting --if you want to lecture and kiss management ass, buy your boss lunch, dude.

*And you, the traffic yenta in the afternoon? Keep to accidents on 880 because you're not Diane Sawyer.

*Dave Padilla: In order to induce vomiting, listen to this hack on Saturday morning.

*If you're sensing I'm annoyed I am not. I'm on a mission for God to expose some of the biggest phonies in the business --self-righteous assholes who suck up to guys in black suits who routinely cheat on their wife so they can they can obliterate their house account credit cards.

*KCBS: the radio station that Fucked Over late night announcer, Dean Danos, and threw him out to the streets. Ladies and gentleman, if you only know how they treated this well-regarded and respected newsman, you'd gulp and collapse. One day, I'll let Dean tell you what happened.

*KCBS: the station that literally repeats a story over 16 times every weekend.

*The lead cheerleader in the KCBS newsroom bad-mouths every staffer, almost every reporter, and yes, the old and new ND--I have memos coming soon.

*Stan Bunger: The smarmy-ass disposition will be exposed soon and then people will know full well what kind of phony you really are.

*Melissa Culross: at the heart of the matter? No, not really, but intense influence nonetheless.

*Jack Swanson: You don't deserve all this aggravation so soon.

*Mike Sugerman: Those "About The Bay" reports would work real swell: about 30 years ago.

*Susan Leigh Taylor: "On my way in from Pacifica I saw a lot of mist and fog, blah, blah, blah..." Brilliant, honey. You should get a Marconi.

*Roberta and Stan in the morning: I'd rather be water-boarded.

*Bay Area radio, circa 2015: Diarrhea rediscovered.

*Thank God for KCSM.


  1. No mention of the Pixie Clay vs John Evans spat?

  2. Beautiful, Rich. Take shots at the station and then kiss the PD's ass. "Don't Go Changin'."

  3. I've been shocked by the top-of-the-hour newscasts coming from CBS New York lately. They must have had massive layoffs there. These casts uses to be flawless. Now there are mistakes, stammers, misread sentences, miscued soundbites. Until just recently this NEVER happened.


    1. I also don't like that the local station doesn't broadcast the whole 5 minute network newscast on the top of the hour during the day. The seem to do it at night. It must be about the money ... isn't everything ?

    2. During the week they only broadcast the full 5 minutes after midnight. On weekends they do all day.

      While we are on the subject, I also wish they would broadcast the full hour of Face the Nation on Sundays.

  4. Fuck yes! Best post in a bit. KCBS is yet another reason why my car radio is satellite only. Hope Al Hart doesn't listen anymore. He'd go crackers.

  5. *Jack Swanson: I should hire Luckoff's wife as an intern to save money...don't let her cross the street!!

  6. On a subject: I tried watching FOX2 (KTVU-you are dead to me). The morning show had nothing but stories recycled from the past 2 days. Did you know some chicken was arrested for wandering around the Bay Bridge-2 days ago.? "Well, we have updates!" For variety let's tell you the BART tube is closed for the weekend. Every 15 minutes. By re-interviewing the same BART PR flack each time. Here's an idea: bring up the Santa Rosa Press Democrat and steal a few stories from there. That's been the MO in the past. I mean if you're only going to hire one reporter for the show.

  7. KCBS is going down the drain. Sad but true.

  8. I very much disagree with you about Dave Padilla! He sounds better than Martin Lenz who speaks too fast. I also feel sorry for Dean Danos who Lenz replaced. Ageism reared its head at the station.

    Padilla is better than his morning partner, Janice Wright. I've listened to her enough times that I think she's only half-heartedly into her job. There are times when she sounds like she's just above mumbling what she reads, i.e. she's disinterested in the news. I can only stand listening to her for less than 5 minutes at which point I turn off the radio.

  9. Cumulus buying KCBS? Wow!
    That would be a real blow to Bay Area radio. What would be left?

  10. I beg to disagree with 10:01am.
    Dave Padilla can't go 5 minutes without giggling.
    Listening to him is patently offensive.
    At least Janice Wright speaks clearly without the silly gibberish.
    Padilla needs to find another line of work.