Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Wendy Tokuda: More 'Acknowledged Than Admired'

 Wendy Tokuda was one of the Bay Area's most popular anchors--she had quite a run as anchor for KPIX in the 70's, 80's and 90's only Tokuda was more beloved for her personality --not her work.

Or, as many news people and industry observers told me, "She was more 'acknowledged than admired'".

Tokuda crisscrossed the state working in the city for KRON and KPIX, having a stint in LA at KNBC before returning to the city in 1997 to work back at KRON.

Believe it or not, she returned to KPIX in 2007 to work alongside co-anchor, Allen Martin.

Wendy got along with everybody --won numerous industry awards and gave a lot of time and money to her own charities and was universally loved.

Her work with longtime anchor (and Bay Area native, Dave McElhatton) was her signature reign in SF broadcasting but she had quite a bit of critics.

I recall one noted East Bay media critic who made a habit of lampooning Tokuda over her frequent on-air flubs and mispronunciations --something that dogged her for many years to come and put a damper on her overall good work.

Tokuda was once married to Richard Hall, the son of "Let's Make a Deal" game-show host, Monte Hall.

She was also one of the highest-paid TV anchors in the Bay Area with a salary of nearly $700,000.

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  1. She never did anything for me when I tuned in to KPIX. Kate Kelly was better.

  2. Some folks have said she looks Asian.

  3. She's a hella lot better than some of the tits masquerading as anchors on TV these days.

  4. Nice to see you again, Wendy...it's been a while since I've eaten at Burger King.

  5. I didn't realize until her publicity stunt with Allen Martin how lousy Wendy was at reading a teleprompter. Numerous flubs and likely a college student had better reading skills than she did.

    1. AND she'd blame the writers for half her mistakes...the same writers who wrote for other anchors who did just fine.

      Good riddance you pima-donna.

    2. My favorite was the time she said "Secretary of Defense Ronald Dumsfeld."

      Then there was the time the producer forgot to insert her name in the telepromptr. The news came on and we hear, "Good evening, I'm Pete Wilson." "And I'm ............" Silence.

    3. @4:53 I assume you were one of her writers she blamed. It's PRIMA DONNA. not pima-donna. So much for writers.

  6. I worked with Wendy for a few years. Her on-air flubs were legendary but I never saw or heard of her blaming anyone or getting mad at anyone. She misspoke many times but she was one of the most wonderful anchors I ever had the pleasure of being around.

  7. In that photo she resembles one of my favorite actresses - Kristara Barrington. Hey Rich, what ever happened to HER?