Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Possible Solution To KGO Quagmire: SleepTrain Radio 810 AM

Sleeptrain Radio--

50,000 watts announcing mattress sales; describing various mattress features; listeners call in and ask unique mattress question; Sleeptrain has its own media outlet and can save money on advertising budget; KGO/Cumulus gets to sell off money-losing station for multi-millions and get complimentary temperpedics for staff and interns.

Think of the promo ideas: Ronn Owens could broadcast live from his own mattress right there in the store!

It's not only a ticket for a better night sleep--it's profitable!


  1. KGO & Sleeptrain-a perfect marriage! they both put me to sleep!

  2. Better yet, Ronn Owens could broadcast live from his own mattress at his own house!! It'll save money & he'll never have to leave!! The lazy jew bastard.

  3. Funny how clicking on this post loaded 3 mattress ads on the side of Rich's website. didn't have pictures of a mattress.

  4. Any hot women left at KGO radio? I'd pay to watch Heather Holmes, Vicki Liviakis, Rosemary Orozco and the hottest Bay Area weather gals do the news and/or weather on a mattress. They have no credibility left anyway so it is worth a try. The ratings would certainly rise.

  5. Do NOT give them any more ideas. "Mattress 8-10" ... OMG ... Infomercials.
    They might as well switch to "Radio Disney" for Kids.
    Hey kids, .. Ronnnn 's favorite disney tunes. Coming up next !
    Actually would boost the ratings.
    Who says they can't meet the target demo.

  6. Why not? That's what KTXL-TV 40 in Sacramento was before the existence of the Fox Network- a 24-hour advertisement for LaBrie's Waterbed Warehouse. It worked for TV40, it can work for KGO!