Monday, July 27, 2015

Before We Get On To The Monday Bullshit A Reality Check

 YOU READ ME--Admit it. I know it's painful. I'm painful. Yet, you come here. Why? And don't say to watch a train wreck, that's such a clich√©, besides which everything I write and observe, admit it, you can't get enough of because then you wouldn't be coming here so often. It's an addiction.

Before we get going I had to say this. We'll get to the usual material later on.

Why are you here? Certainly a lot of you want to read the various media tidbits and insanities I bring you every day. Many of you come her, well, poke your nose in the sewer because I'm in the sewer --I admit it. And guess what? It's enlightening. It's nice to be able to say what no one else will because so many of you have your heads up the bosses ass--come one, be real now. That's what the people want to read. They are tired of the fakes, all of you. At least several of you, some of whom I know well, some I don't care to and the rest, in the middle.

The people, the broads, the chicks, the guys, have spoken. The broads get it. The men, not so much--too busy studying Darya's boobs. That's what the Bay Area media is about: studying Darya's boobs. What? You think they're listening to Stan Bunger's shit about the weather? Oh please. You think they're actually listening through the 497 minutes of penis-enhancement, Kars/Kids ads, Kaiser bullshit on KNBR? That bs Ronnnnnnn brings up every Monday with his stupid ass caller from Marin who sounds like Mr. Bullhorn? No, they're checking out Darya's boobs and the latest free Internet porn before they go off to work. That's morning media in the Bay Area. For the most part.

OK, I'm ready to go. How's your Monday so far?

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  1. KCBS is getting dumber. Ed Cavagnero is sorely missed!

  2. If you want a fresh heaping pile of Monday Bullshit, just knock on Jean Quan's front door.

  3. The "broads" get it? Excuse me, but the 60s called and they and Sinatra want their time worn cliches back. Thank you.

  4. Maybe KTVU should hire that chick in the picture to anchor their 4pm. I'd watch.

    1. What do you suppose she's looking at?

  5. A lot of bluster but not much substance lately. I come here for the comments section as you haven't broken a story of import in I don't even know how many years. I think it's lame this place is all about anonymous postings especially when people are going to say nasty things about others. SF Radio needs a message board where people can be accountable for what they say. As it stands Rich is the only person who is at least accountable. Even fake handles would provide consistency.

  6. You make us listeners sound absolutely uncouth, unlearned and ill mannered!
    In other words, your average Safeway Shopper who puts Fifi, their little dog into the push cart.

  7. One question, something that's stunned me for years: WHY are guys so enamored about Darya's boobs? I mean, yeah, they're big and all, but they're not special. There are better-looking women with boobs that size (or larger) AT KRON, so I don't understand the Darya fascination. She is NOT pretty by any stretch, and without the hint of raisins evident there's nothing special going on there despite having their own zip code. Each. Apart from that she's not particularly entertaining, to help on this?