Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weather Girls That Aren't Vetted At KRON; Super Snitches At 900 Front Albatross; PIX Chicks Battle Supreme Dude; ESPN 'First Take' Invades Lake Merritt; Thursday Rundown


*Yeah, imagine this: the local TV caboose with a crappy little theme song and news content from forever yesterday didn't vet the new "weather girl" --just damn shocking!

*That said, the weather girl is better-looking than the station snitch who feeds off papa Pero. Stick to the digital department, young tuff, and you'll be a good soldier in Akron if you're lucky, "social media" boy.

*A ditsy weather girl who is pleasant to look at isn't so ditsy if at least she can read a teleprompter and broadcast cohesive weather reports and forecasting. Too bad KRON got it half-right. Confucius say: six months.

*The ladies of KPIX--at least those that count-- have had it again with a certain male anchor who believes his fecal matter doesn't stink.

*KGO-TV has sent everyone except Van Amburg's double to Oracle Oakland Arena for the NBA Finals pitting the Warriors against the Lebrons beginning (thank God, finally) tonight.

*Lazy and Stupid: Dubs. Better sounding and more authentic: Warriors.

*I will be at The Finals tonight with my good friend, Lil B.

*Katie Marzullo, you too, just like Claudine Wong, may smile every now and then just to tell the rest of the Bay Area that you're not some talking head from the home office in Livermore, CA.

*KRON: just when you really, really, really, really, thought things couldn't get any worse...

*At least at KRON no one is having an affair with the ...wait, never mind.

*Good that you finally took my advice and backed the camera away from Pam Moore's face --now Pam can read the news without a bunch of Fremont Franks checking out her veins and nostril, thanks KRON.

*Drew Tuma: why? Never mind.

*John Lobertini is probably an exceptional newsman and knows his stuff but his massive strutting around the KGO Radio newsroom is a pain in the ass. Hell, who does he think he is, Jason Middleton? Never mind.

*ESPN has been broadcasting its "First Take" from Lake Merritt --yeah, Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith have invaded The Town.

*KTRB, the 50K-watt ESPN Spanish radio outlet and home of the Giants Spanish broadcasts has been acquired from a guy named Douglass and will go Korean any day now. The Gigantes will need a new Spanish radio outlet in 2016.

*We agree about something: KSFO's Brian Sussman and the Caitlyn Jenner deal: massive publicity stunt of the decade.

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  1. > *We agree about something: KSFO's Brian Sussman and
    > the Caitlyn Jenner deal: massive publicity stunt of the decade.

    No doubt. As usual, however, this ostensible revelation mimics Mark Levin. Only after an hour of Levin's holding forth on this notion yesterday did today's "backbencher" venture to follow suit. "Media whore"? Has BS ever expressed an original thought?

  2. KTRB: According to the trades, there is 4.5 years left on the LMA that the Spanish group has, and it will be honored by the buyer of the station. So, the Gigantes should be just fine for a few years yet.

  3. I'm just glad that KRON weather woman and traffic gals aren't veiled. They know its teleVISION.

  4. Take it from me, KGO only looks at ratings & $ when it comes to Warriors promotion. For as Frances Lanthier once said, "You son of a bitch! Get off the phone, we're calling the police!"

  5. Forget the PIX dissension. The Bay, and especially the Silicon Valley, have to again put up with the insufferable Skip Bayless, a name no one in San Jose cares to hear (that's how unpopular he was with Mercury News readers). Then there's Kawakami's beloved (NOT!) Screamin' A. Clearly a majority of ESPN viewers outside our Golden State think cluelessly different than most of us do. Our remotes, mice, and other clickers will be working OT these Finals even if the Cavaliers and Warriors need no literal OT in their games.

  6. Lincecum, Kruk and Kuiper,wouldn't meet with President Obama. That the Giants can't get into spoiled people they pay a very high amount of money too,to make the effort is a disgrace on the Giants organization.
    Radnich two days ago made it clear the two old Republican announcers did not want to meet the man who has driven them into tax poverty that we ALL should suffer from!.
    Lincecum? "No excuses". The man who says that about a bad game,has one for avoiding Obama.
    I hope he gets shelled his next outing with his resting.

    1. It is still a free country you know. Cult of personality hasn't quite reached the Joe Stalin/Mao Tse Tung levels where we're required to pay tribute to Papa Barry, has it?

    2. It is quite American (or perhaps it USED to be quite American) to show respect and gratitude for receiving the honor of being invited to the White House. And part of that respect includes respect toward the Office of the President, regardless of who is holding said at any given time. Even 'ol Rushbo Limbaugh has stated that, and I totally agree with him on that matter.

    3. Who cares? Lincecum has to pitch the next day and also lives up in a liberal area. Statement makes no sense. Also one of the announcers has health issues in getting around. Apparently no sympathy.

    4. I hope K & K didn't get to the White House due to Kruk's health troubles rather than a protest against Obama. That would not look good.

    5. Wouldn't want to burden Timmy with such mundane activities. Guest of honor at the White House? That would be a waste of quality bong time!

    6. They've been there 2 times in the last 4 years. But yea, spin it.

  7. PIX is a yawnfest. Not even worth discussing

  8. Dennis O Donnell is at the game. Larry and Mike from 7 are at the game. Guess who's not at the game?- ha! No,he told a heart warming story of how this is important to him,while he sits in the KRON studio-lol.
    Does corporate HQ of KRON really think its great business that Raddy has skipped three World Series and now the NBA finals? KGO and KPIX are sure stoopid. They send their sports directors...

  9. Katie Marzullo has come a long way. I think she has a wonderful smile, and she isn't afraid to use it. You just watch - she'll be a star some day......

    1. Her makeup and lightning is terrible. They should have kept Kira Klapper, who is now at KNTV (who is very pretty too).

  10. Funny that Stephen A Smith is part of defining Oakland as Lake Merritt.

  11. It didn't look like any Giant announcer wanted to go. I'm sure if they did,Baer would have have said of course. Krukow? He makes it to every ballpark in the land on time,every time. But not to meet with President Obama.
    Lincecum? He's been telling lies and hiding a whole lot from the public all his career..and that thing with his family. He's freaky in more ways then one.
    Really a disgrace on his part. He's no shining example for kids...