Monday, June 8, 2015

KGO-TV Milks Warriors/Cavs NBA Finals From Oracle; Monday First Take

So, I predicted that KGO-TV (ABC7) would milk their affiliation with the Warriors/Cavs NBA Finals and I haven't been disappointed. If you like the Dubs and the Finals excitement you haven't been disappointed either.

KGO was all over the Game 2 action taking place in Oakland at Oracle Arena Sunday both pre-game and post-game. Viewers were treated to KGO's M-F weekday news anchor team with Dan Ashley and Ama Daetz along with the obligatory blimp shots over the scene. Great scene setters.

Later, after the game, KGO immediately went live with its post-game show starring Larry Beil, Mike Schuman, Nate Thurmond and Adonal Foyle. It featured player interviews, analysis (pretty good) and some engaging back-and-forth banter between the crew. I'm going to go out on the limb and say the numbers will be very impressive for Channel 7.


  1. You'll be seeing this all during the Playoffs & beyond, for as Pat McCormick once said, "Bingo, goddamit!!"

  2. Adonal Foyle??? Are you KIDDING me???

    What...Chris Engler wasn't available?

  3. how many times did the network broadcasters mention Kyrie Irving??? enough!

    when will somebody figure out how to sync the LOCAL play by play with the TV delay??????

  4. The blog is becoming the Shecky show.

  5. KGO should be able to buy a few local Emmys for their team coverage.