Monday, June 29, 2015

Cumulus KGO December 2015

Ugly man, just ugly but not really unexpected. Newsroom in a state of flux.

Anyone really not seen this coming?



  1. The Amazing KreskinJune 29, 2015 at 3:57 PM

    My prediction is by the end of the year, KGO will be way more f'd up than it already is with more assinine changes to "News & Talk." As Uri Geller once said, "Gimme a plastic spoon, I'll still bend the goddam thing!!"

  2. Well lets see... they cancelled the Comcast feed, so no local channels on the TV at 750 Battery... only sports programming on Dish. Literally. I think we still get a couple of copies of the local daily newspaper, though they may have cut back on that too.... there is no local traffic reporting infrastructure, and they're cutting back on the Texas places' hours; outside of drive time and mid-day there basically won't BE traffic on KGO anymore.... or if there is, it won't be very helpful; without aircraft, reporters or even a local CHP feed or ability to peek in on the TV cams, there's not a whole lot to report, unless you simply parrot the competitions reports....

    ...Given all of this, I'm seeing less and less to talk (authoritatively) about on KGO, and less and less ability to gather and report on news weather or traffic... which equates to less and less reason to listen. "Your news and information station" is largely reduced to innuendo and opinion wrapped in "a news like feel" and the jingle package that the preceding company bought (cause even though we changed the format, we won't spend the money to update the on-air imaging).

    BTW the memo that went out about the cutback in Texas Traffic Hub hours indicated where the reports would be cut, but did NOT offer any guidance on what we are supposed to air in those slots instead -- presumably commercials, spa's, and promos?

  3. There will be more promos for Drex and Heather. She is so hot. Oh, and more Vetuucci promos, please? More Chip Franklin spots for that carpet cleaner, too, please.

    Who needs traffic on KGO, now? It's on many other stations that most other people listen to, Jack Swanson must be laughing his arse off at KCBS. I know, let's do traffic on the 18s! Perfect for PPM!.