Sunday, May 31, 2015

Take Care, Bob Schieffer

One of the best.


  1. Thank you KPIX management for allowing a full one hour presentation of Face The Nation. It would have been a shame if you only presented 30 minutes of Bob Schieffers last show.

  2. We can all agree that Bob helped make SeeBS what it is...and isn't.

  3. Just a few questions On the Ronn Owens show, he regularly gets pre planned calls from someone named either Rama or Ramo. Is this person paid and if heis not should he be paid? On NBC Bay Area I haven't see any reporting from Mark Matthews-is he still at the station? Who is someone named Chuck Capola? Is he taking over for Matthews- I sure hope not

    1. Still a question, but I posted it on the wrong subject matter. Sorry
      Bob is truly a stand out star of his business and will be missed.

  4. Where will Washington insiders go now to spew their propaganda without being challenged?