Monday, May 4, 2015

Mary Liz Cortese Filled In KGO Radio Morning News And It Didn't Sound Good

 Someone named Mary Liz Cortese filled in on the KGO Radio Morning News Monday.

A Deb Munroe production.

I've resisted comment on Cortese's work because it would be too easy to say she's not that good. But in celebration of May 4th, what dedication.


  1. I thought for a moment that the morning crew had been axed when I heard her and whoever was filling in for Bristow. She was coming up with fun nicknames for people. Great... Pretty much as bad as she is on the weekends.

  2. She was atrocious....shrill and unprofessional - and LOUD. And I'm still not certain that maybe something hasn't befallen "the morning crew"....

  3. On Sunday, she did a story that said Junipero Serra built the missions in the 1900s....only off by 200 years, which passes for "accurate" at KGO.

    1. Did she add that she was just at a mission last week? She loves to throw in personal asides. It is all about her, after all.

  4. I think she's cute

  5. Holy s#$ t. Where do they find these people? People used to get paid a million dollars a year to do this. But not this, they were paid to be good.