Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Oh Crap, It's That Day

 Take everything you hear today with a grain of salt.

Some radio/TV people still think it's funny to do that yearly ritual. Funny people, funny anchors. Very unique of them.

Ha ha, so original. Can't wait for April 2.


  1. BREAKING NEWS: Every day is a joke in television newsrooms.

  2. There was a scary spider on Sal Casteneda's shoulder today.

  3. Guess what I just heard; Monica Lewinski, (yes, THAT Monica Lewinsky) has been chosen by Barbara Walters to be a new host on The View! ....Well ain't that something?
    For Monica and the Nations' sake, I dearly hope this is a poorly cobbled together April Fool's Joke. We'll find out tomorrow. Stay tuned!

    1. about someone with inside information!

  4. New adds to The Game:

    Giant second baseman Joe Panik
    third baseman Casey McGehee
    reliever Javier Lopez

    all on various shows.

  5. So, is this the one day out of the year when everything goes right at KRON?

  6. The last 10 minutes of Ronns show today hosted by Christine Craft consisted of her going on a huge anti-Israel rant. Listing situation after situation and example after example as to why Israel is basically wolves in sheep's clothing. Very informative information although all I could think of was her and Rich going back and forth here.

  7. Effective April 1, 2015 Cumulus rehires ratings destroyer and subordinate screwer Randall Bloomquist to run their HR Department. Not much of an April Fools joke, it's totally plausible considering the track record of the Dickey brothers.