Sunday, April 5, 2015

An Easter Present For You: When kron Was KRON

For all the dedicated TV News journalists that remembered the good old days at 1001 Van Ness.


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  1. I take it he hasn't worked there the last 20 years?. One fast shot of the "Sports Director Ph.D" and that's it. No Pam either.
    Aaron Pero watches the vid and thinks to himself,"I fired him and him,and her,and him,and her too,and oh yeah, and her"...
    That goes on for quite a while.

  2. Before that dweeb Aaron Pero took over and took KRON TV down into the nether regions! SAD!

  3. Nice to see Lloyd Patterson, Lila Peterson make it in there. And Evan White.

    How is Evan's health - and enjoyment of his retirement? Is he still in SF?

  4. It was so great when KRON was the NBC Affiliate in San Francisco....Now the NBC Affiliate resides in San Jose, and reports specifically on the South Bay. San Jose used to have their own TV Channel & News, which was a ABC Affiliate, and it should have remained that way. SF needs its own NBC Affiliate, but yet & still I miss what KRON "used to be."

  5. As a young college journalism student I worked very hard for the opportunity to intern at KRON in the late 80's. I wanted to be a photojournalist and KRON had the best visual story tellers in this market at the time. That one shot of all the photographers with Silvia Chase brought back fond memories of meeting and picking the brains of several awarding photographers at KRON. Today, most of them are either in other media industries, teaching in college, retired or have passed on. I miss the quality visual story telling the most. Thanks Rich for posting this video.