Monday, April 20, 2015

4--20 Dopey Day For Dopes

Today is dope day--4/20. I'm not into weed, one of the few vices that never caught my drift, so to speak but the dopes on radio shows, I'm betting, to come off as "cool and hip", are already in full 4/20-reference mode.

Listen to the talk shows on radio today and I'm betting you're going to hear every schmendrink ask, "should marijuana be legalized"? How original. It's already legal in Colorado and it's de facto legal here in California. I don't see any issues here.

So, in reality, 4-20 talk is just lazy radio topic. It's not really a story anymore and the novelty of it all went out like a bunch of smoke, ha ha.

Yet, on this day, you will be potted out. It won't be just on radio. TV reporters will go do live shots from Berkeley and look for dopes on Telegraph Ave. In San Francisco, Dolores Park will be invaded by local correspondents at 4: 20 PM: "Hey, I see you (doper) smoking --what's the deal?--(Doper) "We'll, it's 4-20 day!" (Creative).

This will be another day to go to the movies or if you're bored, count the number of stories on local and national media concentrating on this dopey day. Dopes.


  1. When I lived in Nevada for school Pot was a felony. Any amount even a roach clip in the ashtray. They enforced the law also.

    I never would have thought the day would come where you walk into the store see some quack doctor and get a card to buy pot.

  2. Last week I wrote "Heather Holmes needs to be paired with dark meat"..and some more about that.
    Last night Rich? I put on ch2. She was paired with a new black anchor at ch2. Like I see the future.
    I wasn't stoned when I wrote or watched.

    1. You referred to a black anchor as "dark meat!" You must be stoned, Stan The Racist.

    2. "paired with dark meat" - That's disgusting.

    3. Stan says something most people consider at some point, but true professionals put it way below ability to present in a believable manner. We'd be lying if we said people don't consider skin color. Everyone does. But some people consider it below other factors; although others do consider it first. However, when we need Holmes paired with "dark meat", it seems Stan considers this first.

    4. 10:33, only white males can be racists.

  3. If anyone can cultivate a new strain of marijuana that doesn't reduce its users to 'Shaggy' or 'Zack Galifinakis' or 'Seth Rogen' types nervously and hysterically laughing at the lamest jokes...then I'd be for legalization of that. I'm just tired of 'stoner humor' as a genre

  4. I'm sure Dreck and the cackling sidekick will be milking it. A new kind of babble. these people get paid to read trending topics they find on the internet.

    1. Can we address this? I brought this up once before but no one addressed it. Maybe because no one cares but I would really like information on this.

      As someone who has worked in programming I find it somewhat shocking Drex has a co-host who just seemed to be the person willing to speak out. Was Heather the producer hired to be a co-host or was Drex just so unable to carry a show she had to start weighing in? If you listen to the show it seems like she's the sidekick but is she paid to be an "on-air" sidekick? Was she screened to be the co-host? Or did these two just take it upon themselves to make her the sidekick?

      It would be one thing if she rarely weighed in but there are times when it seems like it's just as much her broadcast. Now I haven't listened in about a month but I did spend one evening painfully listening to nearly an entire show. Things may have changed since that time.

      1) Was she hired as a co-host?
      2) Did Drex decide she was the co-host?
      3) Is she paid on-air wages?

      I would never allow a host to make such a decision. If the host wanted a co-host I would be intimately involved with the process of finding a hire I thought fit the part.

      In my estimation, neither of these people should be on the air at KGO although he is far worse than she is.

    2. The sidekick is the former nurse Heather from Dean Edells show, also a KGO producer for many years. She's pushing 50 and last week was discussing with Dreck how many women she sleeps with being straight herself. Wow. So proud. On a side note, is Dreck gay?

    3. To answer 3:37's question I am going to lob some guesses.

      1) She was not hired as a co-host, but Drex can't do a talk show so she fell into the role.

      2) Drex probably just kept talking to her on-air, and now she's his crutch which he desperately needs.

      3) I highly doubt she is paid on-air wages considering how poor his show has been. If he was a great host he could demand she be paid more but I imagine he won't be hosting that time slot very long. A year tops?

      You are making the assumption someone is actually making a decision over there but didn't they fire 2 PDs and have one die in less than 6 months? I highly doubt someone is making any decisions regarding programming at this point. It's clear they do not know what they're doing.

      Has bad as Drex is as a talk show host, and he's quite bad, I don't think he should bare the blame for it. It'd be like hiring an auto-mechanic to tailor your suit. When you show up looking like Rich Hall intimidating the Talking Heads you can't really blame anyone but yourself.

      That's Cumulus: a company in a clown suit.

      I'm sure Heather will continue to fill the role until one day she gets the gumption to ask for more money. That's when you will no longer here her.

  5. Years ago I was smoking some weed with a friend of mine before we were about to head out to surf. We were in the parking lot in his car and one of those annoying, fat little US Park cops came over and starting yelling at us to "GIVE ME THAT POT, NOW!!!" My friend was considerably younger than me and was really spooked and
    said: "Oh, no, we're getting busted! We're going to go to jail!"

    I was cool and calm however, and got out of the car and asked the cop: "What's the trouble officer?"

    "You're smoking pot, that's what the trouble is and I'm citing you! Now give me the pot!"

    I explained to him that the tiny roach which we had nearly smoked down to nothing was gone and that all he had for evidence was the smoke which wasn't enough to cite us for anything. Nonetheless, he wrote out a citation, demanding to see some ID from me.

    Two weeks later I got a letter from the city's District Attorney Terrence Hallinan, in which he profusely apologized for the hassle. San Francisco didn't have the time or the money to be pursuing people on such small and insignificant matters he explained.

    I've always felt that smoking small amounts of pot was not that big a deal, and that the government should not waste it's time arresting people on such a minor matter. The city of San Francisco has evidently also felt that way for many years!

  6. Well it's called being topical, the Boston Marathon/bombings, and Country Music Awards are also topical today. Generally, being topical on the radio is thought to be a good thing....

    Another observation is that some of these comments reflect stereotypes ("dark meat" notwithstanding). A good talk host might not put too much emphasis to content based on stereotypes.

  7. Well,I was using FOX's thinking terminology. You didn't get that?

  8. I don't get how second-hand cigarette smoke is an evil just this side of Hitler, but getting stoned is now okay.


    1. so your incorrect and idiotic assumption is people accept second hand Marijuana smoke in their face? This comment is so fraught with stupidity I'm guessing you were stoned when you wrote it.

  9. Everyone wants to keep pot criminalizes...because it gets you high.
    Yet..alcohol--which gets you drunk--is not only legal, it (mainly, beer companies) heavily advertises...and has commercials (featuring Clydesdale horses) which are beloved by millions.

    I don't get it.

  10. I can't think of anything more depressing than getting high with a bunch of pot heads acting like naughty children. And that grammatical clusterf**k which is comment 7:51 AM underscores my point.

  11. The THC content in today's marijuana is far higher than what was available in the 1960s.

    Marijuana can be as addictive as any other intoxicating substance.

    Marijuana can be harmful to one's physical health.

    Marijuana can be harmful to one's mental health.

    Whatever medical benefits, if any, that come from consuming marijuana can also be obtained through other means.

    Every clear-thinking person knows that. However, the Boomers who control the media are largely in denial. And in their desperate attempt to attract young viewers/listeners, the media cover these dopey stories

    Pretty sad and pathetic.

    They left the park a filthy mess. I don't care if people want to get high but how does that translate into leaving a disgusting pigsty behind. Why are people in California so nasty?

    1. You should care. Their getting high is what translated into them leaving the park a filthy mess. What did you think, a mass of people--many of them homeless and/or living on the fringes of society--getting high would leave the place in pristine condition?