Thursday, March 12, 2015

Off-Air Staff At KGO and KFSO Vote To Join SAG-AFTRA; Now The Real Battle Begins

 KGO and KSFO off-air workers voted unanimously to choose to join the union, (SAG-AFTRA).

Here's the press release:

Today, staff at KGO-AM and KSFO-AM in San Francisco voted unanimously to join tens of thousands of media and entertainment professionals by choosing SAG-AFTRA as their union. The new bargaining unit will cover producers, board operators, web producers and more, for news and talk stations KGO 810 and KSFO 650. The election was conducted at the station on March 11, and the vote was 20 to 0.
In voting to be part of SAG-AFTRA, the bargaining unit joins their on-air counterparts at these two stations, as well as staff at KNBR sports radio, who also recently voted to become members of the union. KGO, KSFO, and KNBR are all owned by Cumulus Media, based in Atlanta, Georgia.
Board Operator Karen Reid said, “We’re pleased to join our on-air colleagues and unite with them for a fair contract.”
“We’ve always supported our off-air coworkers and we’re excited to have them formally join us at the bargaining table,” added KGO-AM reporter Scott Lettieri. “We hope that Cumulus hears our message. Their efforts to put profits before local radio won’t stand.”

Now the hard part. Cumulus Radio is based in Atlanta. San Francisco used to be a leader labor town. Times have changed. Unless you work at the hotels.  We'll observe.

Should be an interesting period ahead.


  1. Rich, What happened to Kim Foster on news, I don't hear her voice anymore?

  2. So Cumulus doesn't even know the station frequency for KSFO? On a press release they refer to it as 650! You can't make this stuff up.

    1. If they misspelled the word "there" would you think they didn't understand the meaning?

    2. It should be obvious to most people that Cumulus didn't put out this press release. It's from AFTRA.

  3. 650 is KSTE in Sacramento.

  4. Kim chose to cut back her hours when the noon news went away and she is also coaching swimming at Cal State Hayward.

  5. More power to the off-air staff at both stations! When dealing with a company like Cumulus, joining your power together is about the only tool you have available, to try to maintain a decent work environment. Clearly Cumulus could care less about anything but drawing in more dirty lucre, as shown by their supporting questionably ethical businesses like the Brain Health Program. And by their doing nil to support the radio needs of the Greater Bay Area communities.

  6. Well, I'm sympathetic with them in an effort to try to improve their situation, but with filthy ogres like Cumulus, they're likely to make it an unstated mission of theirs to get rid of the people who are there now and who voted. Best of luck to all of them.

  7. @ 10:38 pm, I say this: bring it! Seriously, it was getting to the point where continuing the status quo wasn't sustainable, anyway; I think my last raise was before the September 11 attacks. This seems to be the only cudgel available, however unwieldy it may be. If they do scapegoat us and fire us, fine; at least we did something to try to better our lot.