Monday, February 16, 2015

The Single-Anchor Newscast Is Cool

 The other day we were at the café discussing the advent of the single-anchor newscast. Locally, it isn't that prevalent unless you watch the newscast on sister-stations like KBCW, (PIX) or KOFY, (KGO).

Of course the networks go solo and it's been a consistent look for years (except ABC's three-anchor experiment in 1978 which didn't work: Frank Reynolds, Peter Jennings and Max Robinson).

I like the look and pace of the single-anchor program. I noted in a column a few weeks ago that Dan Ashley's KOFY solo-anchor was refreshingly lucid and crisp. Not that the addition of a second anchor, (Ama Daetz) ruined things but the show had its own distinctive flow and quite a bit of inside humor. In other words, it looked and sounded good. Furthermore, it wasn't radical nor something out of the gimmick playbook.

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  1. Also, KTVU has been doing this for a few years with Gasia Mikaelian on the KICU-36 7pm newscast. I'm not a regular daily watcher of it (or any other newscast) but like the quick pace and direct no-nonsense delivery. Last I watched it, they appear to have done away with the left-side vertical story crawl, which I found useful for seeing what the upcoming items were.

    The format is reminiscent of the original concept for the CNN Headline News channel, which was a 30 minute newscast airing 2h hours; if you got home at 8:10 pm, you could flip on the set for 30 minutes and get the major stories of the day, and you're done.

  2. Well,that would ruin happy talk wouldn't it? And if the one person that's speaking is like the late Pete Wilson's conservative smarmy opinions,you would have one lousy newscast.
    btw, I was wondering if your sports competitor basg,had gone after the game's Greg Papa for his near daily animal abuse love. Not a mention. Nothing. He did go after Jason Barret for banning "theguy" three years ago. What a hypocrite,because "theguy" did the same to me because I noticed steroids used on the 49ers!- bad for his promotions with the team. Another hypocrisy? Greg Papa of course is a Comcast sports host. And "theguy" isn't going to be critical of anybody there you might have noticed. He puts his appearances over the suffering animals any day.
    You know,Papa just sickens me now.

  3. I think the single-anchor format is great wherever I see it. It avoids all that banter and socialness that just tends to waste time. The more people you have on-set the longer it takes to get anything accomplished. Just look at the morning network programs. Cramming more and more people onto the set and covering less material. Maybe it's time for another Walter Cronkite who could tell us everything we need to know in 15 minutes. All-News radio seems to cover a lot in a short period of time. Of course if things move along too fast there are fewer opportunities to inset commercials, I wonder if that might have something to do with it...

  4. Saw KRON4 News this AM with just Mark Danon Yogurt in the solo anchor chair. Big boobs had the morning off I guess. He's solid. So is James Fletcher when he's there too. Can't stand watching Wonder Bra Bitch when she's on. She's just annoying. How did she pass muster in the auditions? But either Danon or Fletcher is a good example of how a solo act can work well. Also, Dan Ashley should go back to being a single person gig on KOFY. No offense to Ama Daetz, but Ashley could hold up a tall building if he had to.

    1. Helps when you bonking the boss

    2. I agree - When Fletcher or Dannon are doing the newscasts solo, I'll watch. If Darya is on, I'll switch. They report the news very well without a lot of fluff. When Darya's on, she tends to dominate the proceedings. Not that she's terrible, it just works better with just the other guys. I did see her flub a couple things last week - maybe just a bad day but I've seen her do it before.

  5. > How did she pass muster in the auditions?

    You mustn't read Rich's blog much. ;-) That's been well-gone over.

  6. I also second the Gasia Mikaelian show at 7pm on KICU. It's not much more than a reairing of the stories from the 5 and 6 pm shows, but it's also a refreshing summary of the big news in not much time.

  7. What are you talking about? KRON has had a solo anchor for years...Pam at 5, 6, 8 and 11.. she does it all. Talk about high performance. She's great too.