Monday, February 2, 2015

KPIX Begins Bay Area Super Bowl Blitz On Monday Night; Madden On Pats-Seattle On KCBS: 'Greatest Game I've Ever Seen'


It's a day after the big game and already the Bay Area Super Bowl 50 press buzz has begun. KPIX has a program tonight --CBS carries the 2016 Super Bowl--what a coincidence!

*John Madden said on KCBS Sunday's game "was the greatest game I've ever seen as a fan."

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  1. ironic. deja vu? last year's 9er/Seattle NFL title game...
    Kap picked by Sherman @ very end of game. Now
    Wilson is picked in the same way only seconds away
    from potential victory. karma?

  2. Let the hype begin!

    There's a lot of time between now and the next Super Bowl and so much can happen that trying to sustain a 12 month focus is a bit of a challenge. We could see another Bay Bridge World Series or at least a championship performance from either the As or Giants and maybe this is finally the year that Lord Stanley's Cup finds a home in the Bay Area. A 49ers VS Raiders Super Bowl is highly unlikely as the Niners are 32-1 and the Raiders are 250-1 right now. Without either local team participating the Super Bowl becomes just another San Jose event with little significance to most Bay Area residents. But I understand the excitement. What else does KPIX have going for it? Nightbeat? GAME ON!

  3. Let me guess. Rich Lieberman disapproves of KPIX promoting a game they are going to broadcast.

  4. You know what? This is the kind of crap that has me watching far less local news. It's the endless hype/infotainment that has me turning off the TV. Ugh. The next year will be insufferable. Thank goodness for KCSM.

    1. Hello! It's commercial television. You don't think they are entitled to make money.

      Go ahead and enjoy KCSM to your heart's content.

  5. "It's the 2016 Superbowl from San Jose, CA". Who is the local San Jose home affiliate?

  6. Nothing can beat deflated balls, thugs, the Hot Dog on a Stick girl singing about California, dancing sharks, hookers getting stiffed.

    Superbowl 50 will be a snooze fest....

    Engage ye sponsor!

  7. Its kinda like the Seahawks tried to throw the ball to Mac when they could have just handed it off to Murph.

  8. Way to go Seahawks! You had that game won! Second and goal from the one! What were you thinking!

  9. Super Bowl 50 logo looks like it is 510!

  10. Add to the bottom of the 5, a cable car.