Thursday, January 8, 2015

They're Pretty Elated Over At KGO Radio Because Both Bloomquist And Bakos Are Gone

 They're pretty elated over at KGO Radio because the B's are gone, (Bloomquist and Bakos).

The newsroom is going about its way and is being run by Debs Munroe. I'm not a fan but what the hell.

The canned network news, (out of Dallas), sounds perfectly Cumulissy. ABC told 'em to shove it.

The talk-show hosts on the weekend are devoid of Bakos' handbook on how to do a talk show. Or, like, 20 or so topics per hour because the listeners are morons.

Speaking of dumb, from a source inside the insane asylum the bozos really thought all of you are stupid:
Some of us were told directly to “dumb it down” -- in those words. And when not in those words, some hosts were told to do less of the real issues, (news), and more lifestyle issues.  You can see that for people who are used to having some depth in their discussions or who want to delve into the things that affect us all, it’s been disheartening.

Oh, and another thing: I knew this but didn't want to put it out because it would sound self-serving. And that would be counter-productive --both Bakos and Bloomquist were not fans of this site, (NO SHIT?!!) How much so? Not long ago word around the station was that they, (Bakos and Bloomquist), were actively investigating who was talking to me with the indication that the person or persons would be fired immediately. Which is interesting since both of them belittled 415 Media and made it a point to mock yours truly. Actually, I was flattered.

I don't make it a habit to wish ill someone's livelihood --it's not good karma. I don't salivate over people getting the axe because it's really childish but I'm not in anguish over B and B's fate at KGO. Neither are most of the staff.

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  1. "The canned network news, (out of Dallas), sounds perfectly Cumulissy. ABC told 'em to shove it." If so, good for ABC ... not so good for listeners.

    I hope that the "old" Angie Coiro (even though she's fairly new) returns this weekend.

    It's been a few weeks since I've been able to listen to Pat Thurston, if she's been forced down the "mindless drivel" path, I hope she's celebrating liberation, too.

  2. Perhaps the cloud can get Bernie Ward back at a cut rate.

  3. "I don't make it a habit to wish ill someone's livelihood --it's not good karma. I don't salivate over people getting the axe because it's really childish but..."

    Huh? Who is writing this blog now?

  4. I don't know that Pat and Angie personally were told to "dumb it down", but they'd be the exceptions if they were not. Any subject or guest that hints at an IQ above 10 - or a sensibility not 100% comfortable in the living rooms of the Deep South - has been actively discouraged. Same for any discussion of politics on the weekend, or any topic not directly, immediately connected to the Bay area, primarily San Jose (local, only local, local local local. If 9/11 happened today, it would be off limits as "not local enough"). World affairs, out. Deep analysis, out. Not a topic for TMZ or a Bravo talk show? Boring.

    It's amazing any of them come up with anything to talk about at all, besides what TV shows are on tonight. Sitcoms, that is - anything on PBS would be nixed as too brainy.

  5. These idiots really have no clue. Who do they think they're going to attract to talk radio by dumbing down the topics? If they wanted to attract the young and dumb they should've bought KMEL not KGO. Tom Leykis on his Facebook page has been skewering Cumulus and the Dickies for what they've done to KABC in Lis Angeles. Apparently a lot of firings down there lately.

  6. Dumb it down?! I am insulted as a long-time KGO radio fan prior to December 2011.

    Remember when Gene Burns, et al. used to tell us that NO ONE told the talk show hosts what to discuss???

    The few times I have listened recently I couldn't stand how the hosts skipped from one subject yo the next. And often they repeated stories that had been discussed by another talk show host earlier.

    The only thing Cumulus hasn't done is played the ditty "Springtime for Hitler."

  7. Oh, Cumulus must think "younger demographic" equates to "uninformed and shallow." Now I get it.

    1. Even if they are correct in that the young are uninformed and shallow, the young are not so stupid that they'd listen to KGO pussy talk. They're busy being shallow and uninformed taking selfies and posting them on twitter and Facebook. They're definitely not listening to chef Ryan Scott's latest latest gluten free chimichanga recipe DUDE!!!!

    2. ...especially not on AM radio. Most of them probably don't even know what that is.

  8. They both got what they deserved and KGO is better off for it.

  9. I'm with you, Rich, usually, when I'm not a hypocrite, about not wishing someone loses their job. I used to wish Karel would lose his job, but at times, I think the KGO mess makes his show worse. I wish he would do more tech, but now I'm wondering if, to keep his job, the KGO mess has adversely affected his job. And for those who think he's a creep; if everyone in media who is a creep quit their news job, production job, graphics job, ad job, anchor job, etc., 50 percent of media would be gone. It's an industry filled with creeps, usually in management (and I was in management for more than two decades).

    In the U.S. media market, at Bloomquist's age, he might have trouble, given his employment history and whatever went wrong at KGO.

    I did some more digging, but you've covered most of the nuts and bolts, or course, and broke a major 415 media story that all other media seems to have slept on, unless I missed it.

    Being a media person since high school, I've always found it odd that media do not usually report on themselves. I always bucked the trend and did the opposite, if it was a newsworthy story. KGO's demise from #1 to the barrel bottom with rotten apples is a huge story, but perhaps because other media have gone through their own purges and layoffs, they feel it would be hypocritical to report on another entity's implosion ~ since they've all imploded.

    For those who criticize you, that's part of the game, but you break and carry stuff other media don't BUT SHOULD.

    Thanks for printing my comments, too, Rich, even when I make obvious typos referring to radio station call letters.

    For all they hate you, for all the critics, you keep scooping all 415 media. An aptly named blog.