Monday, January 26, 2015

Ronn Owens Has Been Away From KGO For Nearly Three Weeks on 'Unusual' Vacation

 Ronn Owens returns from a two-week vacation this morning behind the albatross KGO Radio microphones. His unusual lengthy mid-January respite was planned long ago during the Randall Bloomquist/Renee Bakos run. Of course both Bakos and Bloomquist are gone from the KGO bunker on Hawthorne now.

That being said, many of you plus a prominent industry source asked me if Owen's extended vacation was out of the loop and whether there's anything going on? The rumor mill has been rife too because Owens stay away from the microphone came after early January when he broadcast from Washington he's been away from the microphone since January 8.

It was common knowledge that Owen's buddy, Bloomquist, who "resigned" for "family reasons", caught Ronn off-guard and made for some testy off-mike encounters with Cumulus suits in Atlanta. I don't know how heated the exchanges were, but I do hear they were "enlightening." An agent explained:
It's highly unusual for someone as prominent as him to take two weeks off in the middle of January --I'm sorry but no one does that so I'll just say that something has to be up. You're talking about the morning talk show in the 4th-largest market in the country. Come on, man! 

Again, we're told, (officially), that this vacation was planned long ago and that there's nothing, at least publically, brewing, but we also didn't know about the in-house shouting fest by Owens and Atlanta suits.

We're also told that some behind-the-scenes maneuvering is in place. Oh, by the way, Owens will turn 70 this October and mark his 40th anniversary at KGO.

We anticipate Owens will return to KGO and not say a word about this mystery on Monday morning because we know the drill.

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  1. Ronn has always taken a long vacation after his Washington DC broadcasts. He's been doing it forever, no news here.

  2. I bet he gets walking papers on year 39 day 364 Atlanta does not want to keep Rooooon and they sure do not want to pay for that party.

  3. Ronn will probably work through the end of the year, but he's clearly fed up with the nonsense of what has happened to local radio, and who can blame him? He's had a great run of better than 40 years in local radio and that should stand for something more than constant criticism and sniping. Any of you out there reading this, including Rich would be lucky to accomplish just 1/20th of some of the things this guy has done for so many years. It 's never been easy to work in broadcasting, but it's especially not easy working in radio these days!

  4. Owens takes more "vacations" and days off than anyone I can think of including Obama. This guy sees every occasion as an excuse for a holiday, Nobody and I mean nobody can get away with this except business owners, politicians, or the Prima donna that is Owens, (yes, I know it means leading lady).

  5. I agree with 3:52....and 4:06: let's remember that Ronn has some significant health problems and is approaching 70 years of age. Give him a fricken' break.

    1. Agreed 150%. He treated me very well.

  6. 40 years at kgo! What's Ronnn Owens' secret???

  7. After 40 years and most of them with excellent ratings, why shouldn't he take time off. Having said that I don't think he takes that much time off. He takes off some Holidays, (i.e Memorial Day, Labor Day) plus the Jewish Holidays, and as far as I can remember 2 weeks in the summer and a few other days. When you are at a job long enough and when you are good at, you are suppose to get some perks, that is why you work hard. As for the Presidents vacation, the President is never on vacation, the White House goes with him, and so does the problems, especially today with instant news and social media. I didn't care for Bush as a President (thought he was probably a good husband, son and father) but I never complained when he went to his ranch in Texas

  8. The bigger story may be that the ratings were up while he was away, especially when the dude from New York, Larry Mentee was filling in. Not a good sign for Ronn.