Monday, January 19, 2015

ABC7/KGO Radio Weatherman Mike Nicco Continues To Butcher The Pronunciation Of 'Meteorologist'

 Either plain stubborn or unwilling to get it right, KGO-TV and KGO Radio meteorologist, Mike Nicco continues to butcher the correct pronunciation of the word, meteorologist.

We've been here before. Now, we're just plain annoyed.

Mike: It's "me-tee-OR-rologist"--how simple is that? Apparently not the case with Nicco who routinely pronounces it: "Meter-rologist"--as he most recently did on the KGO Radio morning giggle-fest around 7 AM on Monday.

"Meter-rologists" is just plain wrongo, Mike, and it's annoying to hear a major-market talent extraordinaire butcher this so seemingly easy pronunciation as you do on a daily basis.

Please, Mike, just practice, it's really easy.

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  1. Speaking of "major-market talent extraordinaire" meteorologists . . .

    At 7:37 a.m. today on KSFO, Sussman was alluding to gunshots fired over the weekend near VP Biden's home.

    Did anyone else hear American Indian war dance audio mistakenly inserted by Katie Green when Brian was "asking" for Biden "711" sound bite repeated almost daily? BS attempted a never-mind cover, "This is a fast-moving show."

    Who could make up such a professional(?) gaffe, especially broadcast on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?

  2. I can live with his pronunciation. I turned the channel this morning when Roberta Gonzales started getting breathy with her weather report. That may work for some dudes, but I can't stand it. It sounds so manufactured.

  3. He also mispronounces the word "middle" and makes it sound like "medle". Very annoying! He's gotta have some sort of speech issue.

  4. And almost everyone else mispronounces 'San Rafael', 'Rincon' and 'Santa Clara'.

  5. Stick with LLY, "night and morning low clouds and fog..." Who watches news on TV this days? If I want to know more weather I'll look at the NWS website. Or Pechner if he pops up somewhere on the internet. Gone are the days when Pete Giddings was appointment weather.

    What is going on with Dr Bill? He seems to be absent. Last night sounded like a months old taped show. Someone else was on his podcast for several weeks prior. Coast to Coast is nearly unlistenable. Dumb, stupid stuff for the illiterate masses. Quite amazing how these huge conglomerates shut down the broadcast marketplace of ideas. Wonderful range of programming 10 years ago, now it's Limbaugh, Limbaugh, Limbaugh, Savage, Levin Beck, with a few clownish buffoons like Alan Colmes.

    Sorry, the sports stuff is exceedingly boring. Sells lots of nachos and beer.

  6. Most of them also pronounce temperature 'tempiture'.

  7. Just wait 'till you hear all the mispronounced versions of the coming month of February; FEBUWARY.

  8. Companies, pets, fish and other impersonal objects "who"... should be "that" or similar

    "Nevada".. not "Nuhvahda"

    We could go on and on

  9. He better hope that ABC doesn't exercise the nuculur option on him.

  10. He is a metera...a is a weatherman.

  11. To be honest, I've seen his reports, and his voice or his use of intonation is not what I first remember. I recall seeing the numbers, and seeing him there looking professional.
    Good Sicilian features. Not a showboat. What's not to like? You guys are just shopping for trouble today, is what's going on.

    1. This sort of caca is straight out of Limbaugh's playbook.

  12. Rich, how on earth did you survive Lloyd "Humididity" Lindsey Young?

  13. Rich: "Mike: It's "me-tee-OR-rologist"--how simple is that?"
    Technically, Rich, since there's only one 'R', it's Me-tee-OR-ologist'.;-)
    Maybe Nicco isn't fully awake at that hour?
    The other, newish ABC7 guy Drew Tuma bugged me when he started a couple of months ago, with his rapid-fire 'number followed by city' temperature annoncements('FiftythreehalfMoonBayfifftyfiveDalyCity...') when most guys usually give the location first, or otherwise clarify it with '52 IN Healdsburg').