Friday, December 12, 2014

'We Need The Rain'--Not Just SF But LA Too

Those of you that doubt the faux-weather plea from the TV yokels about "needing the rain" and my continued annoyance --you should know it's not just a SF/NorCal phenomena --LA too.

I couldn't say it any better.

{H/T}-- {FTVLive}

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  1. Speaking of rainmakers, such as KPIX's Paul D, did you notice the harmony on tonight's 5pm edition?

    Alan, Paul and Veronica! What a delightful team – she's obviously comfortable in her position, warm, bright, natural, doesn't mispronounce local names, or stumble over her lines.

    Added bonus, Paul and Alan are willing to talk to her, during the light moments.

  2. Start off by saying it slowly and then say it faster and faster and faster until you cant say it any faster.

    Weather, traffic, weather, traffic, weather, traffic, weather, traffic, weather, traffic, weather, traffic…..

    That’s the sound of a train chugging down the tracks toward a wreck called AM radio.

    Mildred hated her husband listening to AM radio so much that when he died she filled his coffin along with him full of transistor radios turned up full blast. It was so loud the cemetery workers would lie down on Harold’s grave during their breaks and listen to the weather and traffic reports.

    The End

  3. You guys on the coast getting some rain?