Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tom Sinkovitz Is A Bay Area TV News Anchor Treasure; Shouldn't He Be Back On The Airwaves? Of Course He Should; KRON/KTVU Viable Options; Thursday Opener


Tom Sinkovitz, last I talked to him, was enjoying life with his wife, Paula, and their children, in San Francisco.

Sinkovitz, you may remember, was last seen on the Bay Area airwaves anchoring at KNTV, (NBC Bay Area), and before that, KRON, for almost two decades.

Sinkovitz hasn't retired and does speaking engagements and occasional reporting for out-of-town stations. It was unfortunate we didn't get to see him on Election Night for his always interesting and intriguing political analysis.

Speaking of which: why isn't Tom Sinkovitz on local TV News? Surely, some station out there has an opening for a quality, A-name, first-rate pro like Sinkovitz. I know at least two stations alone who could immediately drive up their ratings and create some buzz by hiring a winner like Sinkovitz who still possesses both visual and name recognition. Sinkovitz has command and presence, not to mention an ocean-liner's worth of news acumen and credibility. That's why it's a shame he isn't broadcasting on local TV.

I've heard all the reasons: he's too old, (he's in his 60's, hardly ready for wasteland); he wants certain hours, (Sinkovitz told me he'd love to come back and work for his first SF station, KRON); he's "dominating"--really? I sure as hell hope so. A dominating newsman with presence --Imagine that!

Stop for a moment and consider what we have here. A dedicated, buoyant, and unbelievably talented newsman with great pipes, immediate viewer recognition and intense Bay Area knowledge who can still light up the screen and command attention. If it sounds like I'm a Sinkovitz fan I am, and more to the point, I've told Sinkovitz myself that the Bay Area is missing the talents of a seasoned veteran.

Sinkovitz, as I pointed out, is enjoying life with his family. He doesn't need the money. He's too proud and accomplished to have to openly woo a news director in town. That's not his style nor his intention. He'll probably needle me for even bringing up this whole notion of him working again on SF TV, God forbid.

Hey, KRON: I know you're about to move into new digs and are busy, but you know how much immediate buzz you'd get by hiring Sinkovitz back? Could you all just imagine a reuniting of Pam Moore and Sinkovitz? And when Pam's off, Catherine Heenan. Hey Gary Radnich? You and Sink back in the saddle, he even liked your jokes, imagine the possibilities.

KRON isn't the only station. I know KGO had some interest a few years back but both sides couldn't work out an arrangement. KPIX might be a player but I know there's a lot of budget constraints at CBS. There's always room for talent though, one would assume. And there's a ND out there who has some moxie and a vision to make something happen; that new lady at KTVU could make a big opening splash by talking to Sinkvitz--he's got one helluva resume I heard.

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  1. It might put an end to Bay Area sports championships. Remember the 'Jinkxovitz' factor Gary used to needle him on

  2. Tom is an insightful political reporter with astute insights and impeccable contacts.

    I worked with Tom during the 2008 elections. Coordinated an interview with a local office of one of the campaigns.

    He was gracious, put the nervous first-time interviewees at ease with his congenial manner, prepped them on the angle of his story and led the interview knowledgeably and effectively.

    One interviewee kept popping out of his seat to bring in arcane charts that had little to do with the angle of the story. Tom let the interviewee show his charts, then gently and persuasively asked the interviewee questions about the story.

    He' a good guy, a fine reporter and an engaging anchor. Not sure why he's not on the air but were missing great talent here.

  3. You are absolutely right about Tom. If you look at all Bay AreaAnchors, he is at the top of the list, no doubt about it. And, yes the pairing over at KRON would be great but he would add class to any station. It would be great to see him on the air again. BTW your column on Sal; George Rask over at KRON is just as good if not better and extremely popular as well. many folks have not forgotten about Dr. Traffic from KCBS and has enormous credibility.

  4. I think they should hire Jose Alfredo Jimenez De Javier Solis. He knows how to read just fine. I endorse.

  5. Speaking of local beloved bay area icons.Kreuger today : "AM I RIGHT?,AM I RIGHT" he was imitating that beloved blog commenter.
    I think the zinger that he should be the last man to call me a shit stirrer got to him. In all my years my shit never cost people their jobs. Larry has Bob Agnew and a few others.
    Now,IF I COULD.....

  6. Tom had/has the awesome hairline. It has to be one of the best in the business.
    He was also a great anchor.

  7. I worked with Tom for a little while. He is one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people you would ever meet. It is hard to believe that someone like him, the consummate professional on-air, doesn't have stations beating a path to his door.

  8. Yes, Sinkovitz is everything you said. An accomplished reporter and anchor with good credibility and news chops. But the reason he won't be hired to anchor at any major Bay Area news station is because he's an older white male. Sad, but true.

  9. "Sink" priced himself out of the market!!