Monday, November 17, 2014

KTVU Power Anchor Couple: Somerville And Mikaelian; KTVU Website Re-Design, (Sort Of)

Frank Somerville and Gasia Mikaelian of KTVU News
 SOMERVILLE and MIKAELIAN --KTVU Website Redesign too, (meh).

I like Frank Somerville and Gasia Mikaelian of KTVU --solid pros and news anchors.

Like I said, solid, but not spectacular, which brings to focus, just who is spectacular anymore? It's a rhetorical question because I don't see it out there. Maybe I'm just some cranky bastard.

Gasia seems to get a lot of attention lately if my e-mail and your admiration society is any indication.

What is it? I'm serious. If she were Gasia Jones would you love her so much? Is it the exotic look? Like I said, I think Gasia Mikaelian is an above-average news reader but she doesn't stand out for me and I'm not in any way inferring her physical appearance has anything to do with it, (we'll, maybe slightly), --it's always subjective. Maybe someone can shed some light.

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  1. no web redesign. Cookie cutter FOX web template now used. Bye to KTVU as we knew it.

  2. You don't like them admit it.

  3. > Maybe I'm just some cranky bastard.

    You are, but still, no one today is extraordinary, for basically two reasons: 1) anyone who deviates from corporate cookie-cutter mold gets hammered down. 2) there aren't really that many brilliant people going into this field anymore. It's a dying field and the only people who take it up as a career now are those who can't get a job in the real world, so they go for something where there are almost no barriers for entry, especially if you're 1) ethnic, and 2) good-looking. Brains are not only not required, they're not wanted.

  4. I had never noticed Gasia until election night a few days ago when she showed up in a tight top and I rose to salute!

  5. "Friend" Frank on Facebook. Tremendous, heart filled back stories that have made me a fan!

    The 21st century isn't about only ONE medium. Frank has captured this idea perfectly, and with honesty.

  6. Gasia's likeability has nothing to do with her looks or ethnic background. The bottom line is once you actually listen to her, you realize she is on top of her stuff, and knows every detail of every story she is reading. I have never seen a more professional newsperson not mention with ZERO ego.. watch her during breaking news sometime and you'll get it