Sunday, November 2, 2014

Branding; KNBR, Your Giants Flagship Station Sends Nobody To Cover World Series While 95.7 The Game Sends Damon Bruce; Henry Wofford Thinks He's God; Sunday Notes


*A brand is important; think news on the radio, think KCBS; think news updates, sports at "15 and 45", "traffic on the 8's"; top and bottom of the hour national news from CBS.

News-talk? In the old days, KGO, of course. Think for a moment when there was an earthquake, people would turn on KGO to hear those nasal voices describe the quake, however big or little. Case in point, the moderately strong temblor in Napa last August. Most of you went to KCBS instead because KGO is out of the newstalk business.

Branding. "KTVU News"--sure meant a lot in the old days, now just a regular, (or lately, irregular), local TV News station. KRON too, largely an albatross these days, but always news and information. Not anymore but under the circumstances, doing just as fine, and sometimes even better than the other guys.

*Officially now the latest most annoying and irritating radio/TV commercial: Erik Estrada's endless Cache Creek chortling jingle. Life after CHIPS. I hated that show. Still hate it. Bye Ponch and take your game show with you.

*Credit where credit is due: While I'm not a fan of 95.7 The Game for the most part, kudos for sending Damon Bruce to KC to cover the entire! Giants World Series Game 6 and 7. KNBR, the alleged "Sports Leader," didn't send one reporter, not even Marty Lurie, to cover the Series. Murph and Mac were late to the proceedings and Murph and Mac are not reporters. The Giant's flagship station used to "cover" sports back in the old days --now they run commercials and have ditzy traffic reporters do sports updates.

*Speaking of sports, I attended the Warriors home opener in Oakland Saturday night. Ran into ace play-by-play broadcaster, Tim Roye. Good man. Terrific on the radio. And now aided considerably by color analyst, Tom Tolbert, who arrived in the press room looking like he was attending a Grateful Dead concert.

*Henry Wofford, Comcast anchor: be advised there's a real world out there --try not to act as if you're God's gift to the world. I know it's tough, but just pretend. HA, ha, ha, ha!

*Let me be clear: Ed Baxter is a fine and capable radio guy. Just my opinion: he's not a good talk-show host. He's like beige wallpaper--nobody's offended. Or to put it another way: Who shows up to see the opening act of a Stones show? I rest my case.

*The man never sleeps: KNBR Radio remote engineer for the Giants and Warriors, Lee Jones. Sitting in the press room at Oracle Arena Saturday talking about the beauty of Kansas City. From KC to Oakland barely more than 72 hours. Jones has been doing his gig for 450 years and may be more bullet-proof than cockroaches and taxes.

*Belva Davis: eternal class.

*If it's true that the Chronicle is losing roughly a million bucks a week, that's $52 million a year. Good thing Hearst has deep pockets.

*Stan is insane, sort of in a funny way. I allow some of his material on the comment section because, yes, I find him funny. Repetitious, occasionally annoying and bizarre? Yes, Yes, Yes! And keep in mind, we're talking about the Internet, where everything goes. You want journalism? Read David Carr in the NY Times. (Who's great, by the way.)

*Christ, Stan and the NY Times in the same item, I need a xanex.

*Barbara Simpson was attacked and beaten, allegedly by her daughter, in her Orinda home last week. The former KSFO/KTVU media rep was pretty badly bruised but is expected to make a full recovery, I wish her well.

*Yeah, I slightly praised Gary Radnich the other day for his singular work on Knibber, I try to be fair. When I see or hear crap, I rip. When I see or hear good work, I will praise. See the 95.7 FM item above.

*Radnich embellishment: Yes, he works much better alone and if it were up to him, he'd be alone. While all the other screamers in this town were embarrassing themselves out at the parade, Radnich was telling everyone, (quietly), to stop cheering in the pressbox. It was, once again, a welcome respite from all the lunatics making fools of themselves on Market Street. Half the morons aren't even from San Francisco. Two Comcast clowns "anchoring" from the dais are out-of-towners. Most of the reporters were more interested in sniffing jock hood than doing their job.

Radnich is a pain in the ass at times, more so lately, but when he stands out and gives us all a good lecture on keeping things in perspective, he shines. I, for one, appreciated it. When he does the Rickles act at inappropriate times, I'll call him out; when he does the you gotta have kids to be something shit; when he kisses Kate Scott's ass, (figuratively, of course), I'll call him out. 'Nuff said.

*Of course I was joking about Da Lin and Mr. Spock but you asshole no sense-of-humor morons in this PC-laden world are quick to bite. For one, I know Da Lan and like him and his work too. We've met, he laughs a lot. I think he gets it. And another thing? I don't care what you think.

*By the way, Mr. Spock was cool. Ask my Star Trek correspondent, Zennie Abraham.

*Jason Barrett: When managers are on a 10-game losing streak, they pick line-ups out of a hat. You might want to consider that and your morning show.

*Orange ties on anchormen looks positively ridiculous and I don't give a damn if they're Giants fans. So there.

*I want to conduct a scientific study and talk to people who actually listen and call Ronn Owens. Seriously. You have my e-mail address.

*Michael Krasny--KQED. Could have been in the Belva Davis item but screwed it up somehow. Maybe, Mike, look up the word, "humility", in the dictionary.

*You don't get it: It was NOT about David Weintraub being dumped by KGO; that wasn't the item. It was about the people inside that got him fired. You'll know the full story soon.

*Courage is fighting in a remote battlefield in Afghanistan; risking your life trying to save someone trapped in car on fire or in a house ablaze. Not doing a live shot from a parade or acting giddy over getting Hunter Pence exclusively to ask him, "how does it feel?" Some of you need to get a life.

*Feldy and Fareed: see above. (Although you weren't alone).

*Amy Hollyfield/ABC7: seriously...

*Roberta Gonzales: I've praised you and think you're cool, especially considering the guy that bullied you, but your work at the parade was over the top. Cmon Robby, you're better than that.

*Joe Fonzi: Mr. 1982 only it's not 1982 anymore, Joe.

*Mark Ibanez: Tainted.

*Sal Castaneda: Not an ounce of phoniness --native San Franciscan --so he's allowed to be a little excited at the parade. Life-long Giants fan. Good guy too, and even better: consistent.

*Best parade coverage in order:


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  1. What did you just say about our Barbara? She was beaten in her home by her daughter? How terrible for her. I hope she presses charges against her daughter, but probably will not, thus continuing with the passive, enabling behavior that may have allowed such a relationship in the first place. Is this daughter known to have mental or drug problems? Poor Barbara. Not a good year for The Babe.

    1. I wrote the 10:06 column, so not a huge fan of Barbara, mostly because of her extreme right wing politics, and at times sounded very mean spirited on the air. Anyway, let me address your assumptions, from what I read the daughter was arrested. On the air Barbara sounded anything but passive and enabling. Sounded like the daughter lives with her, column said the daughter has had run in's with police in the past, nothing about drug problems, but did mention alcohol problems. Trying to analyze this kind of relationship and family problem from afar without knowing all the facts, and the no personal knowledge of the characters involved is not a good idea, it can only be speculation at best.

  2. Apparently your info on Barbara Simpson is correct, it was in the Mercury News and also in Contra Costa Times, or the local Orinda/Moraga paper, as far as I can tell from Googling it. Sounds like the daughter has an alcohol problem, and lives with her mother. It is mentioned in the column that it is not the first time police has had contact with Barbara's 42 old daughter, mentioned Barbara is 77, seem unbelieveable, although not a huge fan of Barbara's politics, when she was on the air she sounded as sharp as a 50 year old.

    1. Barbara needs to put out the daughter, change the locks and get a restraining order because that witch is going to kill her mother.

  3. You're really still getting crap because you called that Vietnamese reporter Mr Spock? Some people wouldn't have survived in any era but the current.

  4. I have know Lee Jones since 1894 when I started doing weather at KNBR with Frank and Mike. Probably the best RADIO PRODUCER on the planet and one of a kind. Class Act too. Saw him a few weeks ago in the Tunnel at AT&T, says he has no thought of retiring. Good thing because he would be hard to replace.

  5. OMG, what a terrible thing to have happened to Barbara Simpson!

    We worked together, briefly, at KGO - and, in close office proximity, when she began at KSFO. Never mind that our political views are 180 degrees out of phase. Barbara is a delightful person, and a thorough professional.

    This is heartbreaking news. I offer every good thought for her physical recovery ... and, probably more difficult for her ... the emotional pain.

    1. "stan" is not a reporter no a member of L.E, lets get that clear off top...he is a overrated janitor turned camera man that ran with his over rated blog... point blank,,,u AIR any half ass segment on a h.s cable network like kron everyday to x amount of viewers yes Anyone will develop a following... Stand is like uncle rufus from the animated show Boondocks a stereo typical grumpy old man that neither relates to the youth OR African american youth.... Majority of Stans fancy creative segments are great for a Blog But not a news show... ITS NOT NEWS...comedic entertainment maybe...But how Stan goes and manufactures his Own news and gets some sorta self justification is absurd ...This is a angry old man WHO is angry at the world...IT comes thru his reports..SOOOOO much other worse stuff goes on but Stan continues to choose to "film" what he can get away with in comedic form. THEN His gung ho attitude AS IF HE IS IMUNE to any sort of back lash....NO...dude is liable and open and subject to anything just like the next person...How fckin Dare STAN use his KRON4 media pass to Justify his own self anger issues in the name of Journalism....STAN IS A PART OF THE CANCEROUS B.S that is whats a matter with bay area broadcast news...And his Superior AARON PERO is worse...but that spineless scumbag dont get on camera and Can Only parade in the news room like a Bully....BET Aaron Pero would be quiet like a fckin church Mouse if he really got Put to the test By someone Not being paid to be their. /// yea...parliament funk a delic vibe today...first post on here in monthes..

    2. What the hell did I just read?

    3. 10:05 AM I'll give you one guess on who would even think of a Thought Tumbleweed like that, let alone post it for public consumption. We already know who wrote it, don't we? Nobody else gives a flipp-flapp.

  6. I would be mildly offended...but I consider the source and the forum. I ain't a babe in the woods where bears take a..
    Hey..I cant believe that you never got on Raddy for skipping all THREE Giant home games. Why is he even doing sports if driving across town isn't worth the World Series?
    Oh buy another flashy car along with the other cars he already owns that he doesn't need.

  7. > *If it's true that the Chronicle is losing roughly a million bucks a week, that's
    > $52 million a year. Good thing Hearst has deep pockets.

    "I happened to see your financial statement today, Charles. Now tell me, honestly, my boy, don't you think it's rather unwise to continue this philanthropic enterprise, this Inquirer that's costing you a million dollars a year..."

    "You're right, I did lose a million dollars last year. I expect to lose a million dollars this year. I expect to lose a million dollars *next* year. You know, Mr. Thatcher, at the rate of a million dollars a year, I'll have to close this place in... 60 years."

    --Citizen Kane

  8. > *Amy Hollyfield/ABC7: seriously...

    I used to have to work with her on the KGO morning show. She's one of those reporters, like Teresa Estacio, who is untalented, rude, abrasive, short-tempered, and yet she keeps falling up, getting promoted into better roles when she can't even do what she's doing. This is a business where the turds, and not the cream, float to the top.

  9. Re: the Chronicle, they tried to burn down the village to save it. We know how that works out. If I needed a real newspaper, the Chron wouldn't be it. I remember when it was. Now it is not worth the price. Neither is the new SFGate (yes, I know that's free). Hand-wringing profiteers proceed to panic and ruin everything. Hey, let's add color to newspapers, 'cause television has color, yeah, that'll fix it... no? Okay, then let's try cutting most of the journalists. Hmmm... now we're losing money faster, how can that be...

  10. The frauds, front runners, and out-of-towners who were covering the Giants' parade the other day from some of the local media were pathetic as usual. Amy G. waving to the crowd as if she's sort of prom queen. What the f....did she have to do with the Giants winning? And Marty Lurie does a nice job on KNBR, but he gets his own car in the parade? Is he on the Giants' payroll? Somebody told me that two years ago Larry Baer gave him a World Series ring. What going on with that? Did Tolbert, or Murphy or Ray Woodson get rings? And please don't get us started on those two clowns Fareed and 'Feldy on Comcast. What a joke!

    1. Those folks are part of the Giants promo department. Many people you have never heard of also got rings.

  11. Worst sports radio and TV in the bay area:

    1.) Amy G. on Comcast. Insufferable nonsense from a ditzy blonde who still doesn't know much about baseball. Her breathless, little-girl questions asked after games are embarrassing to listen to. I would have thought that Griggs or Baer would have gotten a clue by now and gotten rid of her. Maybe they think she's good 'eye candy.'

    2.) Fitz and Brooks on KNBR in the afternoon. Brooks is arrogant, condescending, and sounds like he's constantly hyped up on coffee. Fitz is a no-it-all backstabber who got where he is by having daddy bribe former GM Tony Salvadore to give his kid a job years ago.

    3.) Towny and Gilbert on 'The Game.' PD Jason Barrett has made some really bad moves, but firing the only really consistently good talk show hosts on the station
    (The 'Rise Guys') and replacing them with the know-it-all Townsend who always yells into the mike as if he can't be heard, and the annoying Brad Gilbert who sounds like a super-fan was one of the most head-scratching moves ever seen.

    4.) Kate Scott doing updates on KNBR. This clueless ditz who also does traffic reports, (that's how much KNBR cares about their sports updates...they'd rather have traffic reporters reading them), is annoying and sounds like another know-it-all.

    5.) Fallon, Fareed and 'Feldy' on Comcast. All smug amateurs who think their jokes and snappy patter are cute or funny, ( they're now!) and they will probably be moving on to another market soon as most Comcast talent has, i.e. Jaimy Srye, Damon Andrews, Chuck Fisher, John Henry Smith, etc.

    Whaddya think of my list Rich? Agree or disagree?

    1. I agree about the loss of the Rise Guys--what a mistake. I like Fareed.

  12. Agree on the parade coverage: KGO best; KTVU worst. KTVU couldn't get interviews along the parade route. KPIX had technical problems. The KTVU announcer was at a loss to identify the distinguished gentleman with the bow tie on stage at the Civic Center -- former Giants managing general partner Bill Neukom.

  13. It's interesting to hear that Barbara Simpson would put up with such a daughter--if in fact the characterization of the daughter and situation are true. I always thought Barbara would be the type to enact tough love under when faced with such circumstances. I guess not.

  14. "put up with such a daughter"??? Barbara is a great mom and broadcaster. She has three adult children, one has mental health issues. This is not something any parent can control, you know. It could easily happen to anyone. I spoke with her today and she is strong and doing better than probably most of us would or could in the same or similar circumstances. For the record, mental health is not a liberal or conservative matter.

    1. I was the person who posted at 5:24. Christine, you obviously know Barbara; I just know her as a fan of her radio program, so I don't know her personally. What I gathered after years of listening to Barbara is that she is not one to a) buy into alcoholism as a mental health issue and b) feel it necessary to take a gentle approach when dealing with an alcoholic. So I was somewhat surprised to learn that Barbara let her adult daughter with a drinking problem move into her home. I would have thought Barbara would have taken a Dr. Laura-style approach and told her daughter not to contact her until she was clean and sober.

    2. 8:04..I can understand why you might think that..given the laura hype. If you google Laura Schlessinger's mother, your'e likely to be pretty disgusted. Barbara Simpson, fortunately, is nothing like the faux radio doc. In other words, having a heart is not determined by one's politics.

  15. I didn't actually know who Amy G. was until the Giants run in the World Series. But after I saw her do interviews with the Giants after the WS Games, and during the Parade...I have to ask, "why is there so much hatred directed at her?"

    I found her interviews informative, and honest. The only thing she did that was sort of cheesy, was her just standing there allowing celebrating Giant players to dump beer on her head?!

    1. The beer (and champagne) on the head thing is kinda what they do during those sports victory celebrations. Amy G has a close working association with the players during the season, and playoffs in some recent seasons. The beer baths are a form of acceptance; a way to express that she is welcome and worthy of participation in the ritual.

      I am not an Amy G fan, but she does handle that aspect of the job appropriately. In other words, she has been a pretty good sport about it. She seems to realize that avoiding, or complaining too much about, the soakings would not serve herself well.

  16. BB King, Chuck Berry, and Ike & Tina Turner all opened for the Stones in '69!

    Yeah, I would definitely show up for a Stones opener.

  17. I missed that start- Radnich again doesn't get the concept that was he says he should be mentioned and answered. He ranted about "people who post what I say"..Yeah,it IS WHAT YOU SAY..I don't make things up. So either its Rich or ? who Kreuger called a shit stirrer. Yeah?,if there was no shit to stir,I guess that wouldn't be possible.
    Radnich always blames the victim. He defended Paterno the first few days,he defended Stirling until the outrage made him change his whole version. "he was set up" Radnich dropped that,fast. 50,000 watts and he whines people write what he says? Get outta the business then.
    He's pissed about the WS and that I noticed he avoided as much as he could of it.

    1. And Larry should be the last to accuse anybody of shit stirring.

    2. Sorry about that first sentence people. My new $8 keyboard has gotten to be a bear with key pushing. $8 down the drain. And I never was much of a proof reader. I know you wont hold it against me.

  18. Ugh! That Barbara Simpson news is the worst! First she gets canned by idiot scumbags for not twattling around on Twitter all day, and now this? She was the last local host I actually looked forward to hearing. Reading this blog has been more interesting than actually listening to the radio for months. At least there's local voices in the comments section, since nobody takes calls anymore (KQED doesn't count). I've been listening to Bay Area talk radio since I was a 10 year old girl (26 years ago, KGO), funny how they think any of the current crap will get young people to suddenly give a shit about radio and start listening.

  19. Not to make light of Barbara Simpson's problems with her daughter, but it's too bad that A&E show Intervention is no longer on the air. I think it would have made great television to see Barbara and a counselor trying to do an intervention. A former news anchor and popular, conservative radio show host--oh yeah, the ratings would have been big.

  20. If the Chron is still bleeding a million a week, let it die. I work on the profitable side of Hearst--the TV division--and I'm tired of seeing our profits sucked away by the leeches in the newspaper part of the company. Times are changing, the Chron isn't what it used to be. Let it go with dignity.