Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bay Area Weather TV/Radio People Get Orgasmic Over Fake Rain

 I should know better by now.

I should know by now that even the slightest bit of sprinkles accompanied by a few moments of actual rain becomes cause of great importance here in the Bay Area.

Yes, I know we're in a drought. I think I've heard that a few times.

Therefore a measly rain event like Wednesday deserves "Storm Watch" treatment because even if there's little precipitation, newsroom personnel and frantic reporters maybe want to pretend their is actual rain-- I mean good, old-fashioned rain, the kind that comes down heavy and produces accidents on the freeways and bridges. Which in turn adds to extra-spicy "Storm Watch" coverage, cue the over-scene news choppers and extra reports from Sal at the traffic desk and live shots from the schlub reporter off the freeway in Blue Canyon.

Could you imagine if there were real honest-to-god rain and reporters were required to report on real actual rain, the kind of rain that doused the Bay Area on Halloween and the Giants parade? Now that's rain! Not some wimpy sprinklings from the heavens that our esteemed weather people here have decided is precip-worthy of Storm Center status.

Call me naïve. I'm still blown away over the sheer amount of wasted time and money and energy of fake weather here. In Buffalo, they got weather and then some with 19,000 feet of snow and assorted miserable statistics like roads closed and schools shut down and airports looking infinitely like a scene from that movie with Burt Lancaster and George Kennedy where snowdrifts had to clear a runway in the midst of a blizzard. Here, we get a mild case of drizzle and everyone's chomping at the bits.

Manufactured "news"; I cannot believe, (still), how much time we waste on such fake enterprises? God forbid, we didn't have more real, genuine news that would be welcomed by consumers who know a good thing about false energy and today's weather event is nothing more than a real fake Rolex.

The weather guys and girls may all be excited and extra gushy and giddy but the rest of the Bay Area is wise to 'ya all. Get back to us when Marin gets flooded.

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  1. Television and radio weather people report the weather. That's their job.

    Perhaps Mr. Lieberman is unaware of the serious drought here in California that poses a significant economic threat to all of us.

    1. I recall Rich writing that he wasn't concerned about the drought because San Francisco is located right next to a big ocean.

      Obviously he is more interested in making "witty," flippant remarks than addressing serious problems.

  2. I agree that urgent sounding voice-overs, announcing "Storm Watch" / "Storm Tracker," during modest rain, goes a bit overboard.

    However, I see nothing wrong with the folks who talk to us about weather and climate showing a little enthusiasm.

  3. To be fair. Steve Paulson tried his hardest this morning to downplay this "rain event".

  4. Bill Martin's constant teases on the 10 o'clock news are so annoying. It is not 1970 any longer! I whip out accuweather and it gives me up to the minute radar information and hour by hour forecast. Why would anyone stick around for 55 minutes of teases as if Martin and only Martin has the key to unlock the forecast?
    Btw last night KTVU at 10pm led with the theft of two guitars, great follow up to the lead story about a diamond ring found in the sewage the previous day. Wow! I feel like I'm watching a small town newscast. What's next? Hayward grandma can't locate her dentures and we have team coverage all over it!

    1. I'm sure some consultants--hired at great expense after three or four real productive people (writers, editors, producers) were let go--told KTVU that people want these folksy, small-time stories.

      But as for Bill Martin, while I'm not fan of his used-car salesman smile and phony charm, and while I think he's probably the least accurate meteorologist in the Bay Area, don't blame him for the annoying teases. They are told to do these things. Again, most likely some consultant told them it's what people like, just like the social media and internet people all truly and honestly believe people like pop-up and banner ads, that they want to be tracked by email, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram and Vimeo, and that this annoying electronic junk mail really results in thousands upon thousands of voluntary clicks. Anyone who believes this is an idiot, but what can I say? We live in a world of idiots, especially when it comes to people under 40.

  5. News Flash! My Wife can't find her bra, the good one, as she calls it. She's looked 'everywhere', and would like for KTVU to send somebody to our Piedmont Area living room so she can talk about it. Who will they send to talk to us? Tuesdays and Fridays will work. Meanwhile, she just goes without.

  6. Steve Paulson is the BEST TV Meteorologist in California, hands down. No Non-sense, just the facts, NO hype, straight talk and he makes it interesting. to boot. Rich is right, Bill Martin should look at this presentation, plus he has made too many errors on current data like temps.and rainfall. Its like he mails it in and doesn't give the presentation thats worth of his salary. There are others who use the word "storm" in the same breath when talking about today sprinkles. We are in a drought and and we NEED an impressive STORM to put even a small dent in it. The following is my opinion and my alone. Meteorologist Mike Pechnere]

  7. I would like to think a meteorologist would classify today's weather as more than just a few sprinkles. Parts of the Bay Area picked up 1 to 2 " of rain. Safe to call it a storm for areas north of the gate.

  8. Rich, once again you prove that you're a true desk jockey--and don't need to brave the elements and the traffic (which sucked yesterday btw). Many of us DO, and the weather is VERY important to our day!

    And yeah, Buffalo. WELL, I'll see you Buffalo and raise you Alaska, where I lived some years back. NOT for pantywaists, believe me! But it's all relative.

    And as someone else mentioned, the current drought makes each and every raindrop VERY VERY important.

    Weather and traffic news are the most relevant parts of the newscast to me--they affect my very life. Ah, but you see, I go OUT in the world each day.

  9. Parts of the Bay Area!! According to the NOAA, only Kentfield and Middle Peak had more than 1 inch, and most other city locations throughout were much less. Next time post facts chump. Here is mine........