Sunday, October 26, 2014

Guilty Pleasures Watching World Series KTVU Home Coverage; Karel The Red Carpet Dick; Happy Sunday

 If I'm the "dough boy", as alleged "entertainer", Chuck "Karel" Bouley called me, he's the Goodyear blimp, or in his case, the Hindenburg.

*KGO Radio: You want masochist guilty pleasure: listen on the weekend. Especially at night. An unintentional belly-laugh a minute. Production gaffes, outsourced traffic dummies mispronouncing city and highway names. The "MACA-carthur 580 freeway" is the latest gem. Seriously, Saturday Night Live on the radio airwaves.

*More Karel: "I don't know anything about baseball or football." No shit, Sherlock? I was about to think you were the second coming of Vince Lombardi.

God, you're such a fucking disgrace. Go grace a red carpet and bury your ass once and for all.

*KTVU News is milking its Fox/Channel 2 Giants World Series affiliation and that's fine--it's a big deal in town. But doing inane reports and repeating the same, tired, visual fan minutiae outside the ballpark and inside various bars has become truly embarrassing for this once-revered Bay Area news giant. How sad, how funny to watch. Guilty pleasure top 10.

*Mark Ibanez wearing sunglasses: what, the Don Johnson retro-look? Baaad look, Marko. Topping it off: while Ibanez was sporting sunglasses with black casual top, Joe Fonzi alongside went all-business suit and tie. Looked like a pair of American Idol contestants...Truly, the one thing you'll see ONLY ON 2!

*The World Series is pretty much being ignored outside SF and KC. That's why you're getting "celebrity" interviews with Jeff Foxworthy.

*Both Frank Somerville and Julie Haener were part of the pre-game, KTVU live show from the ballpark. It was Saturday afternoon at 2 PM. Somerville and Haener were IN THE STUDIO!! at Jack London Square; huh? --Somerville in suit and tie and Haener business attire --would have looked a bit more sensible if they were at AT&T Park, common sense would indicate that but truly whoever was producing this show must have been smoking some nice doobies. MAJOR Guffaw --MAJOR GUILTY PLEASURE!

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  1. NAh,nah. ch2 Later did a live show from ATT. Franks hair was lifted so you could see the hairline inplants lined up,Julie had shades on...and then Sal as the two were chatting just walked by them eating while on camera.. "Thats OK Sal,we're only doing a live shot" sez Frank. Everybody in a good mood.
    btw, 2 home games of the World Series and "sports director" Gary Radnich hasn't broken his routine- his rut- to attend the games. Sports director!
    I guess his baseball expertise isnt looking so good since we heard all year how much better the Dodgers were,Kershaw over madbum, and that Puig- who has done nothing over 2 times champ and WS MVP Sandoval,is the greater player.
    But he does send JR Stone to send him reports....

    1. Rich - An apology to you for the outspoken double insults directed to you both on and off air last night on KGO by Chuck Karel Bouley. It was sad to hear. KGO can't move fast enough to replace him. I feel bad for Rene Bakos who had to hear his slap at her for not commenting on his show sheets, like it was his business to gripe to whomever was listening on his webstream. Also, to Brian - sorry about your financial problems, but you not being part of the union is not Karel's problem or ours, as listeners. You played right into his hands as he takes you for a fool. I think you know how to solve this problem. KGO's financial situation with you is nobody's business but yours and the union. Good luck. Don't let Karel tear you down as his credibility continues to sink.

  2. Rich we all know Karel isn't good but what's the point of continuing to bash him? I have since tuned into 910 which isn't great but at least it's somewhat entertaining.

    1. 11;03 AM, Maybe Rich has been 'getting some static' from Karel's loyal constiuents, and are finding out Rich is not very easily intimidated, even by them.

    2. Hey, Rich,

      KGO has, until 2011, been the gold standard of talk radio in the Bay Area. KKSF and KNEW - never. Your job is a media critic. In print, we have a famous phrase, "NEVER tangle with a man who owns 55 gallon drums of printer's ink." The same goes for you and your posters. It's your job and ours to say what's right and wrong so, keep up the good work. You speak volumes of what is going on over at KGO and KSFO, Keep it up. They have no standard anymore, especially on weekend nights Karel is a self-named MORON. He said it about himself. Keep it up. Advertisers and media people know what you're saying. They hear you.

      Karel needs to ditch the mohawk, too. He has issues. Sorry, mullet boy.

    3. actually, if you are in print, you should know you just mangled a quote. I will leave it to you to find out who said but it was more akin to: "Don't argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel."

  3. For me Guilty Pleasure NUMBER ONE was seeing KTVU's Christina Rendon yesterday at AT&T Park!! What a HOTTIE along with being an excellent News Reporter!! Rendon & Ally Rasmus currently are 2 of KTVU's best Assets!!

  4. Joe Fonzi >>>>>>> Mark Ibanez

  5. Dear Deetra Miles, You do not live in California, so please stop giving your personal asides about the weather. When there is no rain in the forecast it is not something to be happy about as we are in a serious drought, As you are in the news business, and I say that generously, you should have some sort of knowledge of this.

    1. Tomorrow, Monday, is RANDALL BLOOMQUIST MONDAY at Cumulus Media - Atlanta.

      Be nice, be professional, as the desk for Mr. Bloomquist. It's not a talk show, it's a professional time to ask for Karel's removal from KGO. Sound like a blithering idiot, and you will get nowhere. I called on Friday, caught the man in, and had a very nice conversation. Don't take more than 3 minutes and be nice. Stay on focus. Don't get off on tangents. It's about Karel and nothing else. You WILL be very surprised and answer questions honestly. It worked for me (I even got an email!) KGO needs help by know what you think. ONE step at a time. Start with KAREL only. Good luck.

      If only a dozen people did this, as I did, you'd be surprised. I was surprised at the kind response I got by being calm, sensible, kind and informative. No games.. Not hard to do. Give his secretary your number and/or email if you must if he's not in, and be sure to ask for his. Give yours. Yes, he will listen. I was pleasantly surprised.

      3280 Peachtree Road, NW Suite 2300
      Atlanta, Georgia 30305
      TEL. (404) 949-0700
      FAX. (404) 949-0740

      Cumulus Media Inc - (404) 745-9805 - more

      Cumulus Media Inc - (404) 260-6600 - more

      Cumulus Media » Contact Your Local Cumulus Office‎Cached

      3280 Peachtree Road, NW Suite 2300. Atlanta, Georgia 30305.
      TEL. (404) 949-0700
      ... As America's second largest operator of radio stations,

  6. Dear Dietra Miles II -

    It is specifically NOT you job to interact with the talk show hosts. Memos have been sent about this before. Granted, it is extremely awkward to you because you are backed into this painful situations by KAREL on KGO for a limited time. However, even is taunting you lowers what credibility as an outsourced news reader and while unfair to you it still makes it sound like your fault in an effort to make him "sound good." Then, you go to do more credible sounding news, weather and traffic for WMAL in Washington. It's a shame, but your not helping Radiant's cause in Dallas by doing this and your really hurt your cause by allowing Karel to take advantage of you. It sounds like he's seeking information from and about you and, as you know, it's none of his business. So, please, before this goes to Atlanta HQ in the absense of a sensible program director or operations manager - be wise. Don't allow Karel to manipulate you any longer. It's foolish. Just so you know, this is one of 5 reasons why he is about to be fired if he doesn't come to his senses and quit first. Don't go down that path. You sound like a decent woman.

    Dear Karel,

    Please quit. Now. Not tomorrow. Now. Don't worry for the pink slip. It's on it's way. Save your ass and get out. You won't be "layed off" - you are getting fired and for cause. No benefits there, my friend. Leave the news reader alone. It's disgusting.

    Be a man, Karel, tough as that may be. Please, do yourself a favor. Talk to David G. Hall about a proper "exit strategy" while you can Thank you.

  7. > But doing inane reports and repeating the same, tired, visual fan minutiae
    > outside the ballpark and inside various bars has become truly embarrassing
    > for this once-revered Bay Area news giant.


  8. Karel, I have two words for you, & one of them is Fuck; do you understand me?

  9. And if they were anchoring from AT&T Park, we would then be hearing complaints that they were going overboard. They did anchor the pre-show from there on Friday. So what's the argument being made — too much coverage and splash for the World Series, or not enough?

  10. I made the mistake after one of the Word Series games of tuning in KGO for a few minutes, and there was Karel, telling the world about his dysfunctional life, and then saying: "There was some kind of sports event going on just a few blocks from here tonight, and I think it was some baseball game, but I don't know anything about baseball, so I don't care!" What a blithering idiot! We know you don't care about baseball Karel, so why do you even mention it on the air. I laughed ruefully when I heard this little aside and quickly tuned the radio back to KNBR. Who the f... would waste ten seconds listening to that amateur nit-wit on a weekend night?

  11. Amen to that. Karel is a one-trick pony but he's also unfortunately typical of the poor quality of broadcasters that stations are pushing these days. Guys like Karel would never have even gotten a sniff at a mike in KGO during the old days, but now that the 'Dick-Head' Brothers have taken ownership, they've ruined a once proud station by putting on these losers like Karel and the 'witch' from NYC, or that egotistical chef Ryan Scott who seems to think his own farts don't smell. No wonder their ratings have fallen into the crapper!