Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jason Robards/Ben Bradlee Classic 'Send It To The SF Chronicle'

{All The President's Men}

Herb Caen and everybody else in the world, save for the Chronicle execs, thought this line was funny.

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  1. In his day he was a very good actor and yes I also liked his jab at the Chronicle.
    No one respects that paper.

    1. I started out as a journalism major at San Jose State and have a few friends who later went on to the SJ Merc and one got their masters in journalism from Univ of Missouri. To a person, there was contempt for the Chronicle from their typefaces to their standards. There were areas where the Chronicle stood out, but not in everyday news journalism.

    2. 1:47 Not having hung around with a lot of journalists, I can't argue with your friends. But I recall listening to a discussion by some critics back around the time this movie came who argued that the "city side" of the paper, the actual reporting, was very good, but it was the news judgment of the editors and sensationalist approach of management that really ruined the final product.

      When I was at Cal back then, some of the L.A. students I lived with pooled their money to (loudly and pretentiously) buy a subscription to the L.A. Times, not a cheap thing to do. We locals who needed our daily allowance of Caen, McCabe, and Delaplaine would pool just enough nickels to open the corner newspaperbox, and someone would grab a handful of papers while paying for just one. That was how college kids got their free media content back before the internet.