Tuesday, September 9, 2014

49ers PBP Broadcaster, Ted Robinson, Defense Attorney Michael Cardoza and Esteemed NY Times Writer Dave Anderson on Lieberman Live Today From 2-4 PM

Ted Robinson

Ted Robinson/49ers PBP Broadcaster: 2: 05-2: 20 PM
Michael Cardoza/Defense Attorney/Former Prosecutor/CNN Legal analyst 2: 30-3 PM
Dave Anderson: Award-winning sports-writer, NY Times: 3: 05-3: 30 PM

To listen live: ksco.com --click on my link, you can also listen later on demand on podcast.

Michael Cardoza

Dave Anderson/NY Times


  1. Rich - the Ted R interview shed no light on any relevant point. I thought for sure you were going to ask for clarification on his comment that Ray Rice's wife "sickened" him as she stood by Ray's side or his attack on print reporters/bloggers. The latter of which are hopefully impartial while Ted is most certainly not. Very soft interview!


    1. Lieberman is far better at criticizing other interviewers than doing interviews of his own.

    2. Spot on both first commenters. Rich was almost apologetic to Ted during his three minute "question". The best part of today's show was when Anderson asked Rich to stop yelling. Take a deep breath Rich. You've improved but you interrupt too much. Several times Cardoza was still answering a previous question and then you interrupt to ask another question. He was giving out great info on Santa Clara county DA's. I know someone who was a prosecutor down there. They don't screw around. They're not afraid to prosecute and believe me. They don't give a damn that a guy plays for the 49ers.

  2. Earth to Rich, Earth to Rich.
    According to the Monkey News Ted Robinson has been suspended for 2 games.
    Any idea whats going on?